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A specialized program that is designed to help students build a robust foundation and acquire cutting-edge skills in the principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through a curriculum that combines theory and practice in equal measures.


At Chitkara University, students pursuing their engineering degree in Computer Science can opt to specialize in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a field that has taken the world by storm lately. While the curriculum is fast-paced and demanding, it prepares students to take on complex challenges in the real world. It includes courses that impart knowledge of subjects like natural language processing, cognitive modeling, machine learning, applications of AI in blockchain, knowledge representation, and probabilistic models. Besides, it sharpens programming skills, mathematical reasoning abilities, and communication skills, thereby molding successful future data scientists, hi-tech researchers, and knowledge workers.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fields that have immense potential. Analysts predict that AI is slated to become a $46 billion market by 2020. The Indian Government too is paying heed to these predictions and is in the process of preparing for what the future beholds. A dedicated task force has been entrusted with planning the future course of boosting the implementation of AI in all sectors in India and developing AI technologies. Since there are limitless possibilities when it comes to the application of these technologies to the real world, the scope for the task force is endless. From developing smart cities to set up better power and water infrastructure to improving crop management to fighting terrorism, India already has plans to deploy AI in 10 sectors in India. As a result, those who specialize in these advanced skills are spoilt for choice when it comes to career opportunities. Some of the most coveted jobs profiles that await students specializing in these areas are:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist – Machine Learning
  • Big Data and AI Architect
  • Big Data and AI Consultant
  • Research Engineer – Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics Professional

In addition to mastering complex technical skills like Mathematical Modeling, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Product Development, and Scripting Languages, students pursuing specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the best engineering college in Punjab -Chikara University will get an opportunity to:

Understand and apply key ideas in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Acquire knowledge of related fields such as problem solving and reasoning, language processing, text mining, and robotics.

Design intelligent solutions for problems that cut across a variety of domains and business applications.

Get insights required to compare and choose different methods for Machine Learning and intelligent reasoning.

Acquire hands-on practical experience in implementing scalable solutions.

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