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Computer-based solutions are getting smarter due to recent advances in machine learning. This specialisation is designed to enable students to build intelligent machines with a cutting-edge combination of machine learning, analytics and visualisation technologies.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialisation in B.E. (CSE) at Chitkara University provides the core concepts of Computer Science along with fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. It enables students to provide solutions to scientific, technological and complex real world problems. This program aims to impart the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence, knowledge representation, intelligent agents, natural language processing, machine learning, cognitive modeling and applications of artificial intelligence in block chain and other areas. It also enables students to obtain programming skills, Mathematical reasoning and communication skills.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a term has been there since 1955. Analysts have predicted AI to become a $46 billion market by 2020. Government of India has appointed a task force planning to boost the AI sector in India, for developing AI technologies and infrastructure, to data usage and research to work with the private sector to develop technologies, with a focus on smart cities, power and water infrastructure, crop management to fighting terrorism, there’s a plan to deploy AI in 10 sectors in India. Therefore, ample career opportunities exist in private companies, public organisations, healthcare industry, education and government institutions. Additionally, all top IT companies are looking at aggressively hiring Engineers specialising in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. The jobs profiles include:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist – Machine Learning
  • Research Engineer – Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data & AI Architect
  • Big Data and AI Consultant
  • Robotics Professional

The curriculum covers areas that prepare you master critical skills such as Mathematical Modeling, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Product Development and Scripting Languages; and gain knowledge of related fields such as Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Robotics, Reasoning and Problem Solving. Students will:

Understand and apply key ideas in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and how they can be used in Google, Facebook, etc.

Acquire knowledge of related fields such as problem solving & reasoning, language processing, text mining and robotics.

Design intelligent solutions to problems in a variety of domains and business applications.

Get insights required to compare and choose different methods for Machine Learning and intelligent reasoning.

Acquire hands-on practical experience in implementing scalable solutions with AI 7 Machine Learning tools, components and technologies.

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