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Computer Science & Engineering

After completion of 4th semester in B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, the students have the opportunity to pursue specialisation in Cloud Computing & Virtualisation Technology.

Program Overview

The next wave of computing is in the Cloud. Many businesses want to get out of the complexity of managing data centers and instead focus on their core competencies. This means that more and more businesses will adopt Cloud Computing as a means to handle their IT requirements which gives them the freedom from day to day management of IT infrastructure.

Specialization in Cloud Computing for CSE students will help students understand Cloud Computing and Virtualization technologies. Cloud Computing is very much a work in great demand at this point of time and so while the course comprehensively covers the basic technologies involved, the history of the cloud and its roots in Service Oriented Architecture and Utility Computing. Students of this program will also benefit from the several practical credits that provide hands on capabilities on the various aspects of cloud. This program demystifies Cloud Computing, and attempts to define the cloud phenomenon and all the technologies that go with it.

Career Opportunities
Cloud Solution Architects Cloud Application Development/Maintenance/ Testing
Cloud System Administrator Migration and Modernization Specialists
Cloud Security Specialist Cloud Project Management