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2-Year MBA in Sales & Retail Marketing

In today’s competitive world, two of the most dynamic and fast moving areas in any organization are SALES and MARKETING. Marketing is an important aspect in any business since it contributes greatly to the success of the organization.

Production and distribution depend largely on marketing. It is responsible for creating brand awareness as well as generating a need for products and services and ultimately creating leads for the sales team. The sales side is responsible for the conversion and closing of the deals which directly drive revenue.

It is also commonly known that over 70% of CEO’s come through a Sales route.

What is the role of a Company/CEO?
Their role is to generate profit and help the business grow for the shareholders. They are in business to make money, produce revenue and growth and profitability. Lots of people know this. What is the only role in an organisation responsible for generating revenue and therefore profit to the business?
Is it marketing? …NO!,
Is it the Finance department? ….NO!,
How about the admin team? …NO!,
The IT department? …NO!
The Sales team? YES!

The Sales team is the team responsible for liaising with customers, selling the products and services, which brings in revenue to the business and therefore profit! Once you understand this, you can see why any CEO would consider their Sales team to be the most important team in their organisation. With this in mind, who do you think the CEO would want to train? To incentivise? To retain? YES, you’ve guessed it, the Sales team! Without the Sales team, the company would not be able to grow, which is its primary objective.

A Sales career is similar to being a consultant. You will develop an understanding of your client’s challenges by listening to them and then you will offer them the best solution to meet their needs! Your product or service will help the other organisation either MAKE money, SAVE money or Mitigate risk. So, start thinking about what you want most in your career.

  • Is it autonomy? Creating a work/life balance?
  • Great earning potential?
  • Praise and recognition?
  • Solving problems?

    Autonomy: In a sales career, you are set targets which you have to achieve per month. The idea is to overexceed this target, however the responsibility is all yours. Therefore if you can do this by booking only a few meetings per week, then that’s what you’ll do. Once you start building great relationships with clients and start delivering excellent results, you will build a referral database and you may find you’re working less whilst producing more and more results. How fantastic is that?

    Great Earning Potential: The harder the work, the more money you will earn! You are rewarded for your efforts. If you work hard and produce more and more results, you will get paid more! Many other careers expect people to work really hard, often with overtime and they don’t get paid any more money for this! Praise and Recognition: If you do well your results are displayed for everyone to see, therefore you get praise and recognition from everyone in the company and not just your boss.

    Making a Difference: Your product or service has been created because it has features and benefits which can help its potential customers in the way they need! Your product or service is helping other businesses make money, save money or mitigate risk.

    Solving Problems: As a Sales person your role is to identify your client’s problems and offer them the best solution to match their needs.

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