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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the various courses offered by Chitkara University?

2. Are the courses offered by the Chitkara University recognized?

3. What are the minimum requirements for applying to a particular course in Chitkara University?

4. Are marks obtained in the qualifying exams considered for admission?

5. Can I apply for admission to a program in Chitkara University before the declaration of result of the qualifying exam?

6. What is the total approximate expenditure for a selected course?

7. Can I receive admission on the basis of entrance test alone?

8.Can I receive the application form by post?

9. Do I need to come down to Chitkara University Campus / Admission Office to receive / submit the application form?

10. Where can I get the prospectus and application forms?

11. If I have to apply for more than one course/program, should I get that many application forms?

12. Can I depute someone as a nominee for counselling if I am not able to travel/ come down?

13. Do I need to pay the admission / tuition fee at the time of counselling / admission?

14. Is there any facility for payment of fees in installments?

15. Is there a capitation fee?

16. Is there any agent who can help me in getting admission to Chitkara University?

17. Is there any management / reservation/ donation quota?

18. Are any extracurricular activities promoted, or have facilities available for their training / practice at Chitkara
University where I can improve upon my skills?

19. In whose favour should the application/entrance-test demand draft (DD) be made, where should it drawn and in
which bank should it be made?

20. What are the documents required while attending the counselling /admission?

21. Can I take back the original documents?

22. Does Chitkara University offer Ph.D programs?

23. Is there any dress code?

24. Are hostel charges included in the tuition fee?

25. Is it necessary for the parents to attend / accompany children during counselling?

26. Sexual Harassment Committee

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