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Doctoral Program in
Engineering & Technology

Chitkara University offers an intellectually demanding doctoral program for high-potential applicants who already have a breadth of knowledge in the functional areas of Engineering and technology along with having a strong interest in academic research.

At our University, we strongly believe that conducting research requires combining knowledge gained in the past engineering degree with the ability to read and interpret scientific literature, identify critical research gaps, solve structure complex problems, formulate and test hypotheses, analyze and interpret data, and present and discuss technical results. Our doctoral in engineering and technology program will holistically prepare individuals to respond to the changing needs of engineers today. Besides, it laboriously focuses on equipping students with the knowledge, skill set, and training to emerge as leaders in the engineering workforce.

Doctoral Program in Engineering & Technology at Chitkara University

Program Overview

The Doctoral Program students contribute to state-of-the-art engineering research alongside expert faculty mentors in this advanced program. The students learn to address, sustain, and lead in innovative, competitive environments in the fields of computer engineering, electronics and communications engineering, mechanical engineering and etc.

  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Faculty at chitkara university
    Friendly and Knowledgeable Faculty at chitkara university

    Friendly and Knowledgeable Faculty

    You will learn from faculty with extensive knowledge and a genuine desire to help you achieve your full potential. Our tutors with considerable industry experience, are also heavily involved in providing consultancy and knowledge transfer for domestic and international organisations. With several resourceful business links, they bring contemporary thinking, expertise and innovation into their teaching.

  • Reputation for Innovation at chitkara university
    Reputation for Innovation at chitkara university

    Reputation for Innovation

    Our academic expertise has given us an international reputation for innovation. Year after year, Chitkara University has been ranked among the Top 10 Universities of the country for filing maximum patents which speaks volumes about our research team, state-of-the-art infrastructure & intensive focus on new ideas & technologies.

  • Highly Rated Programs at chitkara university
    Highly Rated Programs at chitkara university

    Highly Rated Programs

    As a mark of their quality, our Engineering programs are endorsed by leading external accreditation bodies for their ability to equip you to meet the requirements of the modern engineering environment. These accreditations include: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Admission Eligibility

The candidates who have completed any of the following qualification(s) are eligible to seek admission to the PhD program as per Chitkara University regulations and UGC Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of PhD Degree Regulations, 2022 issued dated 07.11.2022 [(New Delhi, 7th November, 2022; No. F. 1-3/2021(QIP)].

  • A 1-year/2-semester master’s degree program in relevant discipline after a 4-year/8-semester bachelor’s degree program
  • A 2-year/4-semester master’s degree program in relevant discipline after a 3-year bachelor’s degree program
  • Qualifications declared equivalent to the master’s degree in relevant discipline by the corresponding statutory regulatory body, with at least 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed
  • An equivalent qualification from a foreign educational institution accredited by an assessment and accreditation agency which is approved, recognized or authorized by an authority, established or incorporated under a law in its home country or any other statutory authority in that country to assess, accredit or assure quality and standards of the educational institution

A 4-year/8-semester bachelor’s degree program in relevant discipline with a minimum of 75% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade on a point scale wherever the grading system is followed, subject to the following conditions:

  • The candidate should have a full-time teaching or research/industry experience of atleast 4 years.
  • The candidate should be currently working in AICTE/UGC approved College/University/Government agency/industry.

Note: Relaxation for reserved categories as per UGC norms

How to Apply

Candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria, are required to fill the admission form with evidences of all particulars to be attached. All application forms will be screened by a separate screening committee whose representatives will be from Doctoral Research Committee and Experts from the University in the respective areas. The candidates short-listed on the basis of their academic record and relevant experience will appear in a written test to be conducted by the University. Time-table & Curriculum will be intimated to the registered candidates. The candidates will then appear for a personal interview for the final selection.

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Program Fee Structure

Fee Components Amount
Enrolment Fee Rs. 30,000/-
Career Advancement Services Fee Rs. 20,000/-
Course Work Fee 1 Rs. 25,000/-
Course Work Fee 2 Rs. 25,000/-
Course Work Fee 3 Rs. 25,000/-
Doctoral Seminar on Specialisation Rs. 60,000/-
Research Proposal Seminar Rs. 60,000/-
Progress Review Seminar 1 Rs. 20,000/-
Progress Review Seminar 2 Rs. 20,000/-
Progress Review Seminar 3 Rs. 20,000/-
Pre-Thesis Submission Rs. 40,000/-
Thesis Submission & Defence Rs. 75,000/-
Total Rs. 4,20,000/-

What to Expect

The scholars initiate and drive cutting-edge research that with supporting studies, position them to be new leaders in the advancement of their field and for success in a range of careers in industry, government or academia.

  • Developing Transferrable Skills for Non-Academic Careers at Chitkara
    Developing Transferrable Skills for Non-Academic Careers at Chitkara

    Expertise Across a Wide Range of Disciplines

    Applicants can choose from various academic areas in Engineering & Technology particularly in CSE, ECE, Mechanical, Civil and focus on individualised research agendas that are directly relevant to their profession.

  • Opportunities to Present Papers at Prominent Conferences Chitkara
    Opportunities to Present Papers at Prominent Conferences Chitkara

    Rigorous Training

    The inclusive curriculum provides students with state of-the-art methodologies needed to become intellectual leaders. Also, the students are able to develop skills that apply to careers both inside and outside academia.

  • Student Support Chitkara
    Student Support Chitkara

    Committed and Collaborative Environment

    We are proud to be home to committed, expert Engineering faculty with unmatched experience across a wide range of disciplines and methodologies. During your PhD you will partner with your designated academic supervisors, who will mentor, inspire, and help you find your path in academia.

  • Collaborative Research Environment Chitkara
    Collaborative Research Environment Chitkara

    Engagement in High Impact Research Environment

    The University's proven track record highlights regular publications of faculty and doctoral students in top academic outlets. We are dedicated to supporting students in reaching wider audiences and disseminating transformative ideas that advance engineering practice.

Concentrations Offered

Immerse yourself in applied high-tech research and complex topics alongside renowned faculty experts in our state-of-the-art research labs. Select one of four future-focused concentrations:

PhD in Computer Science enables students to become experts in a technical subfield of computer science and contribute through original research in the discipline. In this specialised program, the students also gain practical experience in the classroom, as well as become visible members of the research community by publishing research and through oral presentations at conferences and research seminars. The research scholars pursuing the PhD degree in Computer Science are provided with an environment and facilities that help develop their analytic and research skills to define research problems and to study advanced knowledge bases to discover innovative solutions available to date.

Furthermore, the Doctor of Computer Science & Engineering degree program helps the research scholars to gain an in-depth understanding of a specialised subject. This allows students to predict developments and make contributions in their area of expertise.

Chitkara University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Electronics & Communication Engineering also builds on the foundation of a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree to train and prepare students for leadership in research and development and teaching positions in industry and academia. Our doctoral students are educated and trained thoroughly to find, understand, keenly observe and critically analyse a problem to explore various available solutions and provide the best one as per the given constraints. They are also trained and encouraged to write funding proposals and make presentations on their research/product ideas to various national/international, academic and industrial research funding organisations as per the chosen subject/area.

On completion of the PhD, students will be equipped to carry out their own independent research and train new researchers. The PhD program in electronics and communications thrusts upon but is not limited to the following main areas: Low Power VLSI Design, Circuit and System Design, Microwave and Antenna Design, Biomedical Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, FPGA Based System Design, Signal Processing, Image Processing, and Microwave in Agricultural Technology.

The Electrical Engineering doctoral program prepares students for advanced research and expertise in various areas of electrical engineering. With a highly research-oriented faculty, the university offers excellent opportunities for the programmes. Additionally, the university undertakes sponsored research and development projects from both industrial and other public/private sector organizations.

The PhD program in Electrical Engineering aims to provide students with advanced knowledge and expertise in specialized areas such as: Power systems, Control systems, Power electronics, Renewable energy, Power engineering, Smart grid technology, Energy systems, Electrical Vehicle. We develop students' research skills through rigorous coursework, seminars, and hands-on projects, culminating in a doctoral dissertation that contributes significantly to the field of electrical engineering. We focus to instill professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct in research and professional practice, emphasizing responsibility towards society and the environment.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Mechanical Engineering is the highest degree awarded by the Mechanical Engineering Department and is recommended for students who are interested in leadership careers in academia (e.g., as a faculty member of a university), industry, or government. The objective of a doctoral program is for the student to develop analytical, experimental and/or computational abilities in order to work and conduct independent research in the field of mechanical engineering.

Many of the skills cannot be learned in the classroom sitting, but instead must be developed in the laboratory, library, and conference room as the student actively interacts with faculty, other students, and researchers around the world. Independent, non-classroom based learning and problem solving is a core aspect of the PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at Chitkara University. Upon completion of his/her dissertation, the student should be an expert in one of specialised subjects of Mechanical Engineering and shall contribute to discover innovative solutions for the problems of organisations, communities and society.

PhD in Civil Engineering is a course of study that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of structures that are integral to the general public, like roads, dams, bridges, canals, and additionally railways, sewage systems, etc. While pursuing a PhD in Civil Engineering, students will have to choose a specialisation area, like Geoinformatics, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics, and Water Resources Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, etc. to conduct research for their dissertation.

Framework for PhD Program

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