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Healthcare Industry is the one of the largest growing industries in the country. There is a huge gap between the requirement and actual supply of good quality healthcare professionals. Considering this, Chitkara School of Health Sciences was established in 2011, exclusively dedicated to the education of Healthcare professionals. Since then, we have become the most sought after School in the region.

We put an intensive focus on training and developing healthcare professionals who can make a difference in the quality of life of all those who are in need. Our graduates are in great demand for employment in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, polyclinics, industries, training institutions in India and abroad, apart from the option of private practice.


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Chitkara University’s reputation for innovative teaching, strong industry links and highly employable graduates continues to set our Healthcare programs apart. Blue Chip companies visit Chitkara University every year to source, engage, and hire our Healthcare graduates, which speaks volumes about our focussed approach on making each and every graduate industry ready and employable right from Day-One.

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OCULUS is a consortium of educators from Optometry schools in Europe (Norway, UK, Spain and the Netherlands) and beyond, with a three-pillar strategy to reform Optometric education in Israel and India, and harmonise it with European standards. This will mean greater employability and job mobility for graduates, and better trained optometrists will lead to a reduction in blindness and vision impairment. In pillar 1, new educational resources will be developed to reform the curricula in Israel and India, meeting the high standards of the European Diploma in Optometry (DipE), harmonising Optometric education and scope of practice. The DipE was designed almost 20 years ago and is missing elements of education that lead to lifelong learning.

Therefore, pillars 2 and 3 bring innovations to Optometric education, enhancing the standard even further, beyond DipE. In pillar 2, educational resources for evidence based Optometric practice (EBP) will be developed. EBP is a vital part of effective patient care but is still a novel concept in Optometric education, and there is a recognised need for better EBP education in Optometry, making this an important addition to the DipE. In pillar 3, a personal learning network (PLN) will be created for Optometry students and practitioners, as an online portfolio of patient encounters and platform for peer review and discussion. OCULUS has the support of global optometry governing and education bodies. The Israel Council of Optometry and the Association of Colleges and Schools of Optometry in India are full partners. European Academy of Optometry and Optics and the Norwegian Association of Optometry are associate partners. These organisations will ensure that OCULUS outputs are disseminated globally for maximum impact.

Dr. Preethi John
Director, Chitkara Global Health Institute

I belong to Delhi, but chose to study at Chitkara. All my school friends advised me to study in Delhi and not going outside for studies. I am happy that I followed my heart and decided to take admission here. Chitkara University has given me opportunities which allowed me to flourish academically, explore & discover my passions and expand my wings to fly and touch the sky.

Chavi Gargh

Associate Consultant at Christian Medical Association of India.

It has been a great experience to be part of the Chitkara School of Health Sciences. One can cram from books but originally it is always the faculty, industry interface and surrounding environment that only can transform a student into a professional, which I was fortunate enough to get in here and was able to secure the job that I always desired. I wish the institution the very best.

Nitin Soi

Manager Clinical Operations at HJ Hospital SARL

I am thankful to all my Teachers and my Dean of CSHS whose support were like parents in all the situation throughout my Chitkara stint.Taking admission in Chitkara was a perfect decision for me. Chitkara provides a great platform for learning. Chitkara University has helped me to develop a positive attitude towards my life & decision-making capacity in all aspects of my career.

Vandana Choudhry

Cluster Manager in Eye Q Vision Pvt Ltd,Gujarat Baroda