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2-Year M.Sc in Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology (MRIT)

The rapid evolution of medical imaging technology calls for expert practitioners to implement optimised imaging techniques and improve patient outcomes. Chitkara University’s coveted M.Sc in MRIT program will provide you with the technical skills needed to excel in this field while exposing you to the day-to-day demands of this profession through a clinical placement in a hospital.

MRIT Chitkara University Medical Radiology Chitkara

Course Duration

2 Years

Internship Opportunity

Students would be required to undergo 6 months of resident postings during the degree.

Campus Recruitment

Assured Placement assistance in various Hospitals, Diagnostic centres and Medical Equipment Companies.


  • B.Sc Medical Radiology& Imaging Technology/B.Sc Medical Technology Radio diagnosis and Imaging / B.Sc Radiological Technology/B.Sc Radiography/B.Sc Medical Technology (X-ray) with a minimum 60% marks in B.Sc


MRIT Program Chitkara University

The quality of medical care has improved tremendously in the last few decades due to the advances in technology, thus creating fresh challenges in the field of healthcare. It is now widely recognised that health service delivery is a team effort involving both clinicians and non-clinicians, and is not the sole duty of physicians and nurses. Professionals that can competently handle sophisticated machinery and advanced protocols are now in high demand.

In fact, diagnosis is now so dependent on technology, that allied and healthcare professionals (AHPs) are vital to successful treatment delivery. The program aims to train human resources with requisite skills in the area of medical radiology & imaging technology who can be hired in all kinds of healthcare settings. The program makes use of modern teaching methods and a combination of the theoretical aspects of the subjects with practical reinforcement endows the students with a superior knowledge and enables them to discover their hidden potential, realise the importance of hard work and hone their intellectual, analytical and managing skills towards a successful and fulfilling career, supplemented and guided by experienced and quality teaching throughout the course of study.

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MRIT Program Chitkara University

The M.Sc in Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology is a higher degree course suitable for graduates having experience in the technology of medical imaging science. It is specifically aimed at those pursuing a professional career in Medical Imaging Technology. It is designed to provide specialised training in the scientific principles of modern imaging science and in the application of these principles in the field of radio diagnosis and imaging.

  • MRIT Program Highlights Chitkara University
    MRIT Program Highlights Chitkara University

    Industry Endorsed Programs

    The industry aligned curriculum is taught by our exceptionally qualified faculty including both in-house faculty and industry experts who are abreast with the latest advancements in the healthcare industry. They have practical and real-world experience within this field, thus bringing a wealth of practical expertise to the classroom. In addition, many of our lecturers are at the forefront of research in their field and you’ll benefit from their expertise in contemporary techniques and understanding.

  • MRIT Program Highlights Chitkara University
    MRIT Program Highlights Chitkara University

    Hands-on Experience

    At Chitkara University, we build employability into every aspect of our course by incorporating the practical component through our industry-oriented programs. During this program, you will gain a range of transferable and practical skills through experiential learning, laboratory work and group activity, interactions with industry experts and clinical internship that will make you completely hands-on and set you up for success in the professional world.

  • MRIT Program Highlights Chitkara University
    MRIT Program Highlights Chitkara University

    Career Prospects

    The field of radiology is expanding vastly in medicine. With extensive job and career opportunities in this field in recent times, the need for educated and professional radiology technologists in hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic labs and physicians’ offices is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, careers in radiology span many roles and the employment prospects for radiographers are vast and diverse, both within India and abroad. You may even choose to pursue research and academics after the completion of the program.

You can explore career opportunities as:

  • Radiology Technician
  • Radiology Assistant
  • Radiologist
  • Radiology Technologist / Radiographer
  • Radiology Nurse
  • Ultrasound Technician / Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • MRI Technician
  • CT Tech / CAT Scan Technologist / CT Scan Technologist

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