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3-Year B.Sc in Nautical Science

Nautical Studies deals with navigation, cargo operations, maintenance of merchant navy ships and all legal and commercial matters pertaining to shipping business. Deck officers look after the safety related to lifesaving and fire fighting. They participate in navigating the vessel across the oceans and along the coast. In port all cargo operations are either undertaken by them or conducted under their direct supervision.

Merchant Navy Career Chitkara Merchant Navy Career Chitkara
Course Duration

Course Duration

3 Year residential B.Sc Nautical Science program and 12 months of internship on board the merchant navy ship. Seats per batch: 40

Internship Opportunity

Internship Opportunity

Internship is an essential part for becoming a certified marine deck officer after successful completion of the 3 year degree program. Cadets will complete the 12 months internship onboard merchant navy ships. This aims at providing the Cadets an exposure to ship board environment and an opportunity to develop practical skills in operations, maintenance and safety.

Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment

Assured placement assistance in top global shipping companies.




    • Passed 12th standard or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English as separate subjects with a PCM average of not less than 60%
  • The candidate must have secured a minimum of 50% marks in the English language in 10th or 12th standard
  • Medical Fitness : As per DGS Norms
  • Eyesight : No color blindness
  • Unaided 6/6 vision in both eyes
  • Age Limit : 25 Years
  • Qualified in IMU CET
  • Passport is mandatory to process INDoS
  • All applicants will have to undergo an interview and psychometric test at Chitkara University School of Maritime Studies.
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B.Sc Nautical Science - Program Overview

B.Sc Nautical Science - Program Overview

The program centres around turning students into successful shipboard officers through a unique approach to delivering a curriculum that helps build a strong knowledge base. Students are given the skills with which to apply this knowledge in a shipboard environment and are inculcated with a sense of discipline, team spirit, and the right attitude for achieving success. In addition, students are provided with a mandatory internship program and Industrial Training, as part of the course curriculum, along with an experience certificate on completion of the training program from the various ports.

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Program Highlights

This program follows the curriculum as laid down by DG shipping in compliance with the STCW Course as promulgated by IMO. The curriculum besides essentially covering the academic knowledge lays stress on hands-on training for skill development, so as to prepare each trainee to work as a junior deck officer on merchant ships. At the same time this career offers opportunity to travel the world, work with global organizations and experience varied adventures and advanced technologies thus making navigation and ship handling an exciting career.

  • Transform Your Career

    On completion of the stipulated periods on the ship and passing competency examinations conducted by Directorate General of shipping, Government of India, the junior officer progressively climbs the hierarchy level through the ranks and eventually become eligible to be posted as captain/master on a merchant ship. The exposure in merchant navy career helps a person grow in every aspect.

  • Learn The Most In Demand Skills

    Merchant Navy career is within itself a blend of variety in a single domain. During the Journey of this career one gains adaptability, awareness and professionalism while circumnavigating the Globe. Being on board the merchant ship an officer learns good communication skills and gathers extreme resourcefulness and acquires a high level of discipline.

  • Study Less Work More

    The Merchant Navy being a lucrative and an adventurous work line demands great amount of hard work and dedication. A very rigorous training imparted in merchant navy makes the deck officer achieve high level of expertise in the field to work diligently over the years. Unexpected situations and emergencies provide a widespread knowledge and experience in facing and dealing them and keeps one on his toes.

You can explore career opportunities as:

    • Deck Cadet
    • Third Officer/ Second Officer
    • Chief Officer
    • Master (Captain)

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Career path after obtaining B.Sc Nautical Science Degree

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