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The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is growing rapidly and there is huge demand for sales and marketing professionals who are specially trained to be industry ready right from Day One.

At Chitkara College of Sales and Marketing, we have initiated 2-Year MBA program with specialisation in Pharmaceutical Management. This course has been designed with the help of eminent pharma experts so as to match the needs of the industry as well as that of the aspirant who wants to crave a niche for himself in the Pharmaceutical sector.

Program Objectives
  • To improve the quality and standard of Pharmaceutical professionals and to inculcate Management skills in such manner so as to make them help utilizing their unlimited potential in order to perform better in the competitive global environment.
  • To strengthen and train the students technically and in modern management, marketing, selling and production skills and techniques.
  • To open up new challenging careers for the students and professionals in Product Management Training & Development, Marketing, Production Planning and Corporate Communication.
Scope and future of MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest industry in India, its demand for efficient manpower is continuously on the rise. The winds of change globalisation and liberalisation is fast penetrating into the industry.

Some of the interesting facts of Indian Pharma industry are:

  • The Indian pharmaceutical market (IPM) is valued at 72,069 crore($15 billlion) in 2013 as against 65,654 crore INR in 2012
  • Pharma exports from India are forecasted to increase more than two folds over the next five years. During 2013-2015, opportunities on account of patent expiries will amount to around $ 125 billion creating a large opportunity for Indian Pharma industry
  • Accounts for over 10 per cent of global pharmaceutical production
  • Over 60,000 generic brands across 60 therapeutic categories
  • Manufactures more than 400 different APIs

These numbers in itself tells a lot about the opportunities which the Indian Pharmaceutical industry is providing. The industry not only needs highly qualified researchers, chemist, technical people but also requires skilled sales and marketing managers who can take the industry forward by managing and taking the complex decisions which are imperative for the growth of the industry

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