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Chitkara College of Education, one of the most sought after B.Ed colleges in Chandigarh that trains aspiring teachers in the skills and knowledge required to take on the most challenging task of molding future generations. Since 2003, Chitkara College of Education has been paving the learning-rich path that future-teachers can tread on in preparation for pursuing successful and satisfying careers in the best educational institutes of the country.

Since time immemorial teaching has been considered as a noble profession, one that provides an opportunity to shape the future of our country as well as the world. With the infiltration of technology and digital tools in the education system, teachers today find themselves equipped with the best of the devices that can make learning a much more interactive and fun process for both them and their students.

Unfortunately, though, very few teachers are adept at using such high tech equipment and, therefore, most of them eschew using it to augment their teaching process and methodology. The programs offered by Chitkara College of Education aim to change this by grooming all their students to go on to become Alpha Teachers. Alpha Teachers are those highly trained teachers who have the pre-requisite subject matter expertise and are also tech-savvy. They understand the latest upgrades available in the field of teaching around the world and are not afraid of espousing them.

Chitkara College of Education has been accredited by the National Council for Teacher Education as well as the State Government of Punjab. A variety of techniques are used as part of the curriculum to polish and groom teachers of the future. Aside from classroom sessions that build theoretical expertise, students are also exposed to the latest tech tools like Google Classrooms. Not only this, they learn a lot through exchange programs and internships that are organized in partnership with associate schools. Workshops on a variety of subjects are periodically conducted to ascertain that the most recent developments in the field of education reach our students. Similarly, field trips are organized frequently keeping in mind the need for proximity between schools and society at large. Such a connection helps our students plant their feet firmly on the ground and understand what are the needs of the society from an education standpoint.

The program curators at Chitkara give special attention to the fact that hands-on training, especially in the teaching vocation, is a must. Therefore, students of Chitkara College of Education are given multiple opportunities, as part of their curriculum, to observe the country’s most eminent teachers in action. This helps them learn from the best B.Ed college in Punjab. Besides, students are often given a chance to be a part of mock sessions in which they can practice everything that they have learned, either in the classroom or on the field.


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Chitkara College of Education programs focus on combining hard knowledge based skills with soft skills essential for succeeding in the industry across all levels and blends them with ‘heart’ skills – ethical and social responsibility to prepare our student-teachers to play a larger role in the progress and development of the community.



Chitkara University offers a learning experience that improves your employment prospects. We maintain close links with leading blue-chip companies and professional associations to deliver our programs through these alliances. We stay in touch with industry, ensuring that our courses are relevant, practical and deliver the skills in demand allowing our Alpha Teachers to hit the ground running. Some of our leading industry/school collaborations are:

Chitkara College of Education


Research at Chitkara College of Education is growing steadily. Few of the research initiatives are:

  • Issues and Ideas in Education: A UGC approved journal published by Chitkara University. The journal has been cogitated with the vision “To create a plinth for Intelligentsia with the aim of creation and dissemination of knowledge”.
  • Mobile Learning: An endeavour to support the ‘Learning to Function as a Teacher’ and ‘School Internship’ by providing the Alpha Teachers with the ‘Daily Teaching Nib’, ‘Monthly Value Nib’ and ‘Teachers’ Excel Sheet’ as a part of Alpha Teachers’ Tool Kit.
  • Ph.D Program: The Doctoral Program in Education aims to develop skills and educational research inquiry, in order to carry out research that will contribute to professional knowledge and practice.


The strength of CCE’s curriculum lies in the very strong integration between content & pedagogical preparation, backed by strong partnership model between leading private schools and Chitkara University. The many school-based practicum postings give student-teachers an opportunity to translate theoretical knowledge to practical application in teaching and learning.

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe and beyond . It provides opportunities to millions of students to study, train, and gain experience abroad. However, Erasmus+ does not only target students, it also provides opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and organisations. The Erasmus + programme places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting youth societal engagement.


Coordinated by Chitkara University, EDUREFORM is a project that has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project comprises four Indian universities, four European universities, two secondary schools and one SME - having expertise in the field of education. The ultimate aim of EDUREFORM is to promote consciousness and empower Indian future and in-service secondary school teachers to mitigate the expected societal impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE)

CBHE actions support international cooperation projects based on multilateral partnerships between organisations active in the field of higher education. ChitkaraCollege of Education is part of to CBHE projects – EDUREFORM and CLIL @ India. Chitkara was a partner of CLIL @ India, a project beginning in 2016 which was successfully completed in 2019. Its objective achieved was to develop Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in India. CLIL’s approach, gaining ground in European education system, is seen as the way forward to bring a balance between English and the regional languages.

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International Mobility

In 2015, Chitkara College of education launched opportunities for students and staff through the Erasmus + International Mobility programme. Chitkara College of Education set up mobility agreements with the University of Latvia and with Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. These opportunities aim to help students and staff acquire key skills, support their professional development, deepen their understanding of other cultures, improve their languages skills and learn about new working methods.

“It was a blessing to be a part of this campus, Today, because of this institution, I am working as a Punjabi language teacher in Government School in Chandigarh. All the faculty members and Dean Dr. Sangeeta Pant ma’am were very supporting and encouraging. They all are very keen on using new techniques of education and methodology in their classes. Chitkara College of Education is creating and nourishing future nation builders and helping the nation to create better youth. I wish this university touch the new heights and grow day by day.”

Simranjit Kaur

Teacher in Government School in Chandigarh

“I have finally completed my Bachelor in Education degree and it has been wonderful experience over here. The exposure we got was priceless not in the terms of academia but it also groomed our personality. It helps us to build confidence in us. Our mentors Dr. Sangeeta Pant, Dr.Parul and Ms. Neelam were our best inspiration, empowerment and encouragement. They guided us on every step. The university provided us with the best of everything. I would like to thank you for such a great exposure. Thank you for believing in me and providing various opportunity to prove myself.”

Khushwinder Kaur

Mathematics Instructor at Angel’s Valley School, Rajpura

“I pursued my B.Ed. from Chitkara College of Education in 2013- 14. Being a mother to one year old & doing B.Ed. was very difficult initially, but I am thankful to the lecturers /teachers which made it so easy for me. They made difficult concepts understandable with simple technique which brought clarity in concepts. I will recommend Chitkara College of Education to all.”

Garima Taneja

Faculty, Ryan International School, Gurgaon

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