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Doctoral Program in health Sciences (Ph.D)

Welcome to the Ph.D in Health Sciences program. The program is designed to encourage students to benefit from connections between health disciplines and a broader range of academic disciplines represented across CSHS.

The different disciplines in which you can do PhD is

  • Allied Health Sciences
  • Optometry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Health Literacy
  • Public Health
  • Health & Society
  • Healthcare Management
  • Innovations in Health Products and Services
  • Health Systems Research
  • Health Services Research
  • Clinical Research areas
  • Healthcare IT
  • Health Promotion and Health Communication
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Social Medicine & Community Health
  • Life Sciences (Bio Chemistry and Bio informatics)

The Ph.D in Health Sciences program offers advanced doctoral-level research training that builds on multiple disciplinary perspectives to understanding origins and determinants of health and disease across populations. This Ph.D in Health Sciences is primarily intended for students likely to pursue careers in academia in these or in departments related to health, or in research-related positions outside of academia. In addition to nurturing the development of the next generation of health researchers and scientists, the program will provide opportunities for students to build scientific communication, and mentoring and teaching skills, thereby becoming educators in their field. Our interdisciplinary program helps healthcare professionals become advanced practitioners, researchers, managers and educators.

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