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Doctoral Program in ART AND DESIGN

The Chitkara University Ph.D. in Art & Design program has been intended to impart knowledge to scholars through various forms of research activities like debate and discussion, field works, workshops, course works, seminars, projects, and thesis work. It helps the scholars to explore the concepts and research skills, as well as to explore the potential in analyzing the knowledge related to their respective areas of research objectively, to meet the requirements of the creative art and Design industry and society. The Chitkara School of Art and Design, Chitkara University, Punjab, offers Ph. D. Program in Art and Design. Hence the program is inter-disciplinary in nature and carried in a comparative perspective to fulfill the contemporary requirements. The program aims to facilitate scientific guidance for the research students’ with adequate infrastructure and support to fulfill their concerned requirements. The course further aims at familiarizing the perspectives, pedagogy, and their implications in various areas of Art and Design.

Areas of research in Art and Design
Program Mission

The mission of our doctoral program is to enable visual Arts & Design professionals and academicians to extend their professional careers by infusing theoretical/conceptual/practical knowledge to developing research skills. This program will enable visual Arts & Design practitioner, art entrepreneurs, academicians, and cultural workers to analyze the contemporary situations, find out the different solutions, and implement the best workable solutions to complex contemporary art issues.

Features of the Program
  • Critically apply theories, Practical methodologies and knowledge to address fundamental questions in Creative Art and Design.
  • Pursue research of significance in the Visual Arts & Design discipline or interdisciplinary projects.
  • Demonstrate, through service, the value of creative Arts discipline to the academy and community at large.
  • Interact productively with people from diverse backgrounds as both leaders/mentors and team members with integrity and professionalism.
Program Outcomes
  • To enable art practitioner and Creative Arts & Design academician to engage in advanced study and research in a variety of fields, such as Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Applied Arts, Visual Communication, Animation, Game Design, Photography and Art History etc.
  • To bridge the knowledge gap between industry and academia through research.
  • To link the research and innovation in Creative Art and Design to foster higher practical experience.
  • To develop self-direction and originality in tackling and solving real time socio-cultural issues
  • To provide a thorough knowledge of the literature and a comprehensive understanding of scientific methods and techniques applicable to their own research.
  • To promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research.
What do we offer?

Expertise across a wide range of art and design disciplines.
Applicants can choose various academic areas of art and design and focus on particular research agendas of their interest that are directly relevant to the art and design industry and cultural practices. The inclusive curriculum provides students with the state-of-the-art methodologies and rigorous training needed to become intellectual and rational leaders. Chitkara Design School is a home of committed and expert faculty with unmatched research experience across a wide range of disciplines. During the PhD, student will partner with a designated academic supervisor(s) who will not merely facilitate the research but also guide the student to publish the research work in top-tier journals. Scholars are encouraged and supported to attend globally recognized workshops and present their research in reputable conferences and symposiums.

Earning a doctoral degree in Art and Design empowers executives to:
  • Cultivate rational expertise
  • Explore socio-cultural phenomenon
  • Acquire theoretical knowledge and framework
  • Develop descriptive and analytical skills

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