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Doctoral Program in Nursing (Ph.D)

Ph.D in Nursing is a part-time Doctoral Program in Nursing in Chitkara University. The Programme aims to strengthen governance systems so that nurses can assume leadership positions, improve regulation of practice and strengthen the quality of nursing education. Doctoral education in nursing will prepare more qualified nurses who can meet the country’s health and nursing care demands. Doctoral education is to prepare nurse scholars who will contribute both to the development, application & dissemination of evidence-based practice in nursing for enhancing the quality of nursing education, research, and practice and thus contributes to the development of the nation’s health.

Ph.D in Nursing – Doctoral Program in Nursing

Doctoral education builds upon and extends competence acquired at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and emphasizes theory development and research skills. The functions of nurse scholars are to: assume leadership roles in complex healthcare and education systems; develop a theoretical and empirical base for nursing practice in both current and emerging healthcare systems; conduct nursing research and participate in developing healthcare policies. The entire thrust is on the professional development of nurses that could lead to evidence-based practice for clinical effectiveness.

Salient Features of the Programme- Doctoral Program in Nursing

  • Critically apply theories, methodologies, and knowledge to address fundamental questions in their primary area of study.
  • Pursue research of significance in the discipline or an interdisciplinary project.
  • Manage complex ethical and professional issues and make informed judgments on ethical codes and practices.
  • Discover, interpret and communicate new knowledge through original research of publishable quality which satisfies peer review.
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to create, develop, and exchange research knowledge to influence and benefit society and the economy (in sync with UNSDGs.)
  • Evidence-based Nursing Practice
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Administration
  • Nursing Informatics
  • Health Promotion and Health communication
  • Healthcare Innovations
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Theory Development & Testing
  • Quality Assurance in Nursing Practice and Education
  • Clinical and Community-based Interventions for Health Improvement
  • Women Health
Eligibility for Admission

As per the guidelines of the statutory regulatory council i.e. Indian Nursing Council, a candidate for admission to the Ph.D. course in the Faculty of Nursing must possess –

  • M.Phil. (Nursing) or M.Sc. (Nursing) or a Post Graduate degree in Nursing recognized by the Council with 3 years of teaching or Clinical experience after M.Sc. (Nursing) for enrolment for Ph.D. in Nursing (part-time) under the Faculty of Nursing in the respective University.
  • The scholars should have passed M.Sc. (Nursing) with a minimum of 60% marks.

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