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Ph.D in Business Management

Doctoral Program in
Business Management

The mission of our doctoral program is to enable successful business managers and professionals to either extend their business careers or pursue academic careers by infusing theoretical knowledge of conceptualised business issues and developing research skills. This program will enable executives, entrepreneurs, academicians, and defence personnel to analyse the dynamic situations, find out the different solutions, and implement the best workable solutions to complex managerial issues.

Program Overview

While an MBA degree nurtures the abilities to solve tactical business problems, it requires a PhD degree to develop a deep understanding of diverse unforeseen business problems that need research-oriented solutions. This doctoral program at Chitkara University is different from a traditional PhD in management as it is uniquely designed for working executives. Through a doctoral program, executives can foster their ability to explore, understand, and solve the problems and issues in the contemporary business world in rigorous and relevant ways. Further, it can enable them to contribute to the management science theory and practice by researching such problems and issues and can provide real insights. Thus, it will also help an organisation to follow the right paths.

Earning a doctoral degree in management empowers executives to:

Cultivate new expertise Explore innovative concepts
Acquire theoretical knowledge Develop analytical skills

Exploring innovative ideas with other experienced professionals guided by a renowned research faculty enables you to:

Expand managerial perspectives Launch an academic career
Initiate a consulting practice Enhance professional networks
What do we offer?

Expertise Across a Wide Range of Disciplines
The objectives of our Doctoral Program in Management are to enable students to:
Applicants can choose from various academic areas and focus on particular research agendas of their interest that are directly relevant to their businesses/organisations.

Rigorous Training
The inclusive curriculum provides students with the state-of-the-art methodologies needed to become intellectual leaders.

Committed and Collaborative Environment
Chitkara University is a home to committed and expert faculty with unmatched research experience across a wide range of disciplines. During your PhD, you will partner with your designated academic supervisor(s) who will not merely facilitate your research but also guide you to publish the research work in top-tier journals. Scholars are encouraged and supported to attend globally recognised workshops and present their research in reputable international conferences and symposiums.

Doctoral Program Concentration in Human Resource Management+
Doctoral Program Concentration in Marketing+
Doctoral Program Concentration in Finance +
Doctoral Program Concentration in Corporate Strategy And Policy+
Doctoral Program Concentration in Supply Chain Management+
Doctoral Program Concentration in Business Sustainability +
Doctoral Program Concentration in Information Science and Technology +

Program Highlights

Student Profile

Professionals from the following companies have joined our program so far

Capitalise on the Comprehensive Curriculum


The Doctor of Philosophy in Management curriculum consists of course work that includes four core courses followed by submission and approval of the research proposal. This is followed by periodic progress review seminars leading to the submission and defense of the final thesis.

Progress Review Seminar

The seminars track progress of the scholar as per the timelines mentioned in the approved research proposal. These are to be held once every six months after approval of Research Proposal. A minimum of three such PRS are held by the University with intensive scrutiny by the Doctoral Research Committee. The final progress seminar is a Pre-Thesis Seminar which shall demonstrate achievement of all research objectives upon the production of a draft thesis.

Publishing Tutorial

The scholars are expected to write at least one well researched article and publish it in international/national
referred journals approved by the University before completion of their study. The scholars are also required to
present their research work in at least two academic conferences in India or abroad with the approval of the
Doctoral Research Committee.

Framework for Phd Program

Deliverable – 1+
Deliverable – 2+
Deliverable – 3+
Deliverable – 4+
Deliverable – 5+
Deliverable – 6+
Deliverable – 7+
Deliverable – 8+
Deliverable – 9+

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