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Bachelor of Business Administration


3 Years B.B.A Degree at Chitkara University

Key Dates

September 2023

Transfer Option

Enrol in B.B.A Degree at Chitkara University and an option to transfer after two years of study in India to Trent University, Canada and graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with your chosen specialisation from TrentU in Canada after 4 years (2+2) of total study.

Academic Mentorship in Bachelor of Business Administration



Start your BBA degree at Chitkara University in India and study for two years before opting to transfer to Trent University, Ontario- Canada for another two years to complete your BBA degree in Canada. Your two years of Advance Standing credits at Chitkara University are 100% transferrable at Trent University’s School of Business and you will also be exposed to Academic Mentorship from Trent faculty in your first two years at Chitkara University. You will also get a Conditional Offer of Acceptance from Trent when you will start your BBA education at Chitkara University at 1/3 of the International fee during the first two years in India. After two years, you can opt to seamlessly transfer to Trent in Canada, based on transfer conditions, and graduate with a 4-year BBA degree from Trent University in Canada.

Be a part of India’s top rated University

If you want to become an innovative business leader or entrepreneur, Trent’s Bachelor of Business Administration will get you there. In our popular B.B.A. program, you will master the essentials of Leadership and Management, and build an interdisciplinary understanding of all facets of business, from Finance and Entrepreneurship to Marketing and Human Resources.
Trent’s BBA prepares for your CPA or CHRP designation or springboard to an M.B.A. You are able to acquire real-world professional experience with opportunities including upper-year, for-credit placements and internships, community-based research projects, Trent Business Students’ Association, and by participating in student business case competitions.
You will benefit from mentorship and networking through Trent’s human-scale approach to teaching in classes where you know your professors and they know you and you would get an access the knowledge and expertise of a dedicated alumni community of business leaders and mentors.

Program Framework at Chitkara University (Year 1 & Year 2)

This program encourages students to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the world of business. Tap into your potential. Put your critical thinking skills to good use with hands- on career experiences and opportunities to make real world connections. Our students are guaranteed to have meaningful, purposeful, and recorded career-related experiences. It’s one of the many ways our program sets graduates up for success as they enter the workforce.
– Economics-I
– Economics-II
– Management Fundamentals
– Cost and Management Accounting
– Basics of Accounting I
– Marketing Management I
– Business Mathematics Part I
– Basics of Accounting II
– Business Communication
– Environment Studies
– Business Mathematics Part II
– Marketing Management II
– Fundamentals of Statistics
– IT & MIS Skills in Business
– Global Business Environment
– Entrepreneurship and Opportunity
– Mobile and E-Mail Marketing
– Business Finance I
– Human Values and Professional Ethics
– OB and HR Management
– Operations Research
Students who opt to transfer to Trent University Bachelor of Business Administration in Canada (subject to meeting transfer conditions) will take the following courses in the subsequent semesters to get the 4-year degree at Canada Trent University, Canada.

Program Framework at Trent University (Year 3 & Year 4)

Trent University has two campus locations – Peterborough, Ontario, and the Durham GTA campus in Oshawa, Ontario. Specialization options may vary depending on-campus location and the primary campus that a student intends to study at will be determined upon application to Trent University.

The specializations are offered as follows:

  • Specialization in Marketing and Consumer Culture: Offered at both the Peterborough and Durham campus
  • Specialization in Human Resource Management: Offered at both the Peterborough and Durham campus
  • Specialization in Entrepreneurship: Offered at both the Peterborough and Durham campus
  • Specialization in Information Systems and e-Commerce: Offered at both the Peterborough & Durham campus
  • Specialization in Finance: Offered only at the Peterborough campus
The students who will continue at Chitkara University in the 3rd year of BBA, will have an option to specialise in either Digital & Social media marketing, or Sales & Retail Management, or Supply Chain & Logistics Management, or Event, Media & Entertainment Management. They will also have an opportunity for a summer internship to successfully graduate with a 3 years BBA degree from Chitkara University. Chitkara University and Trent University are continually striving to improve their programs and their delivery. The information contained in this framework is subject to change without notice.

Program Highlights

  • Acquiring Conceptual Clarity of Various Functional Areas. Analysis and interpretation of the data which is used in Decision Making.
  • Ability to analyze various functional issues affecting the organization.
  • Demonstrating ability to evolve strategies for organizational benefits.
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop models/frameworks to reflect critically on specific business contexts.
  • Demonstrate Effectively Oral and Written Communication and the ability to work in Groups.
  • Demonstrate understanding of social cues and contexts in social interaction.
  • Develop Ethical Practices and Imbibe Values for Better Corporate Governance.
  • Understand ethical challenges and choices in a business setting.
  • Demonstrate understanding of sustainability-related concerns in varied areas. Analyze Global Environment and its Impact on Business.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create business plans.
  • An Understanding of Business Functions and Learning Global Perspectives.
  • Developing Critical, Analytical Thinking Abilities, and Interpersonal Skills.
  • Creating Social Sensitivity and understanding CSR, understanding Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices to demonstrate sensitivity to social, ethical and sustainability issues.
  • Developing Entrepreneurship Acumen.

Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

Internship Opportunities at:

Graduating students get a chance to develop new initiatives, programs and business that aim to be a part of life at Trent for years to come. Legacy projects include apps that help students find their classes on campus, to learning about life running a food business at Trent's own Seasoned Spoon. Get hands-on practical experience in the various stages of project management.

Prepare for your future with valuable, hands- on training with business influencers who can support you on your path to career success. For-credit placements and internships are available in a variety of sectors within the Greater Peterborough, Durham and GTA regions to students in various programs at Trent.
Depending on the graduate’s focus and level of experience, possible career opportunities are:

Career Opportunities

Leave your mark on Trent and the surrounding community. Fourth-year B.B.A. students get the chance to develop new initiatives, programs and business that aim to be a part of life at Trent for years to come. Legacy projects include apps that help students find their classes on campus, to learning about life running a food business at Trent's own Seasoned Spoon. Get hands-on practical experience in the various stages of project management.

Internship Opportunities at:

Fee Structure at Chitkara University

You will save almost close to 1/3 of the international tuition fee for a similar program at TrentU, Canada in B.B.A when you will study first two years at Chitkara University. Our students have an option to transfer to TrentU after successful academic completion of their first two years with us and based on other conditions as laid in the “Transfer to Canada” section


Bachelor of Business Administration


Rs. 1,90,000/-

Fee Structure upon transfer in the 3rd year to TrentU in Canada


B.B.A With Specialisation

Appx. Fees per year in 2023 (CAD)

$ 26,191*

*Fees mentioned at Trent University may change and should only be used as an estimate for the fees in the future. The cost is calculated per year and will vary depending on the units you choose, your study load and the length of your course.

How to Apply

You can visit our website or download application form or visit us at our admission office in Chandigarh or speak to our representative. Once you meet the eligibility conditions below, you can deposit the application form with required documents and application fee to receive your letter of admission. The eligibility conditions are :


Toronto is the biggest city in Canada with a population of over three million people. It produces almost one-fifth of Canada’s GDP and it’s the centre of the country’s financial community. It is quickly emerging as one of the safest and fastest growing commercial cities across America and Canada, and has recently seen an explosion of American and multinational companies setting up their operations in Toronto who see Toronto as the city of future.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Region’s natural beauty, greenbelt, and extensive network of trails. You can enjoy sports facilities, premier shopping centres, and a thriving arts and entertainment scene. For students who want to be close to the action while enjoying the charm of a close-knit community, the GTA is the ideal place to live,learn and thrive.

Transfer to Canada

You have an option to apply for and transfer to Trent University in Canada after studying and demonstrating academic success (with a min requisite of 7 CGPA on a scale of 10) and other statutory requirements while studying two years of Bachelor of Business Administration at Chitkara University. You will be eligible to transfer into the third year of BBA with specialization degree at Trent University with all transfer credits of prior learning from the first two years of your study at Chitkara University where you will spend another two years of study to get a 4 year BBA degree from Trent University. You will also be eligible to apply for a three year post study work permit after successful completion of your program. However, apart from demonstrating academic success in the first two years at Chitkara University, you have to secure a study permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the only Canadian government visa granting authority. Other conditions include but not limited to:

Additional Requirements

Please note that IRCC has the sole right to grant or refuse any kind of visa to Canada and no external factor or entity has any say, control or influence on their decision.
For more information visit:

Work in Canada

International Student Permit Information
Initial Study Permit:
Study Permit Extension (Subclass 485):
Study Permit Amendment
Working On-Campus:
Working off-Campus
Post-Graduation Work Permit
Temporary Resident Visa (with valid status—study or work permit)