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Bachelor in Culinary Management


3 Years Bachelor in Culinary Management Degree at Chitkara University

Key Dates

September 2021

Transfer Option

Enroll in 3 year of Bachelor in Culinary Management Degree at Chitkara University with an option to transfer after two years of study in India to George Brown College, Canada and graduate with a Honours B.Com degree in Culinary Management from George Brown in Canada after 4 years (2+2) of total study

Academic Mentorship in Culinary Management


Our commitment to being one of India's best culinary schools has led us to associate with the best Culinary School of Canada, George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. From this Fall of 2021, we will be offering Academic Mentorship from George Brown College in our Bachelor of Culinary Management degree. Our students will have an access to a world-class culinary degree curriculum from George Brown College, which will set them up for success in the global hospitality sector.

Our students will also be exposed to the visiting faculty and chefs from George Brown College who are masters of the global culinary landscape. Students will have an option to ladder into the 4-year Bachelors of Commerce degree in Culinary Management at George Brown College in Toronto after two years of their study with Chitkara University and based on eligibility, and other statuary transfer conditions. As a graduating student from this program in India or in Canada, you will be ahead of your league with skills in culinary education that is most sought after in the hospitality industry.

The only four-year Culinary Management honours bachelor’s degree in Canada.
Develop the knowledge and techniques necessary to succeed as a chef, cook or culinary manager in our Culinary Management degree program. Through a blend of theoretical and practical education, students will gain the skills and knowledge to achieve a successful career in today’s culinary and food industry. We are anchored in the heart of the Canadian culinary industry with global reach and influence.

George Brown College offers a wide variety of programs in art and design, business, community services, early childhood education, construction and engineering technologies, health sciences, hospitality and culinary arts, preparatory studies, as well as specialized programs and services for recent immigrants and international students.
The college offers 160+ programs, as well as eight degree programs and is one of the leading community colleges of North America.

Study in Downtown Toronto

Our location provides you with access to top employers for field education opportunities.

Expert Instructors

Many faculty members have industry experience and will share their real-world knowledge with you.

Hands-on Learning

Our facilities, including The Chefs' House and WAVE Clinics, simulate real-world work environments and provide opportunities for experiential learning.

Real-World Experience

98 per cent of our career-focused programs include at least one experiential learning opportunity.

Informed by Industry

We work with industry leaders to ensure the skills you learn in class are the ones you'll need on the job.

Applied Research

Gain hands-on experience working alongside industry professionals to develop and test new products.

Study in downtown Toronto

Expert instructors

Hands-on learning

Real-world experience

Informed by industry

Applied research

Why choose George Brown College?
Toronto is home to many major industries in Canada and one of the most important economic hubs in North America. As such, the city becomes a living lab for our students. We have three main campuses and several other locations that place students in the heart of downtown Toronto — St. James Campus, Casa Loma Campus and Waterfront Campus.
Deciding where to pursue your post-secondary education is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. George Brown College helps you develop the technical skills needed to launch your career and the people skills that will help you succeed in the workforce. We’ve taken advantage of our location to give our students an edge in the job market. We partner with companies and organizations that play a role in the academic life of our students by advising course curriculum, providing field education and employment. By helping us develop curriculum, these companies nurture our students to meet industry needs and gain skills that are highly sought after in the current job market.
George Brown has an 84 per cent graduate employment rate, six months after graduation.*
*Ontario Colleges Key Performance Indicators, Ministry of Colleges and Universities, 2018-2019

Program Framework at Chitkara University (Year 1 & Year 2)

– Introduction to Restaurant Management
– Culinary Skills I
– Gastronomic Theory I
– Business Communications
– Food and Beverage Cost Control
– Lower Liberal Studies Elective
– Food for Special Events
– Fundamentals of Accounting
– Patisserie Production Management
– Research Fundamentals
– Catering and Menu Management
– Lower Liberal Studies Elective
– Food Literacy
– Culinary Skills II
– Gastronomic Theory II
– Principles of Marketing
– Essential Flavours of the Modern Kitchen
– Concepts of Customer Service
– Managerial Accounting
– Macroeconomics
– Lower Liberal Studies Elective

Students who opt to take the pathway to George Brown College’s Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program in Culinary Management at their Toronto Canada campus (subject to meeting transfer conditions ) will take the following courses in the subsequent semesters at George Brown College, Canada campus to get the 4-year degree from George Brown College in Canada

Program Framework at George Brown College

Year 3


– Finance
– Market and Feasibility Research I
– Strategic Managerial Communications
– Emergency First Aid/Heartsaver CPR
– Butchery & Café Production
– Sustainability in Food Service


– Finance
– Food Science and Nutrition
– Market and Feasibility Research II
– Human Resources Management
– Statistics
– Upper Liberal Studies Elective

Year 4


– Restaurant Risk Management
– Beverages, Sensory and Evaluation
– Advanced Food Science and Nutrition
– Strategic Revenue Management
– Upper Liberal Studies Elective


– Research and Development
– Strategies for the Black Box
– Capstone
– Upper Liberal Studies Elective
Students who continue in the 3rd year of Bachelor in Culinary Management at Chitkara University will focus on advanced culinary skills in Indian cuisine and internship in top-rated hotels and restaurants in the 5th and 6th semester respectively at Chitkara University. These students will graduate with Bachelor degree in Culinary Management from Chitkara University.
*Chitkara University and George Brown College are continually striving to improve their programs and their delivery. The information contained in this framework is subject to change without notice.

Program Highlights at Chitkara University

Learning Outcomes

Career Opportunities

A world of opportunities awaits you when you graduate. Completion of this program will demonstrate your level of commitment to cuisine thus differentiating you from other chefs. The culinary skills you learn in this program are in demand by employers across Canada and the world, and you will have the training to build a successful career at home or around the world. While some degree graduates may start their careers in an entry-level position, they will have the knowledge and skills to expedite their career pathways.

Depending on the graduate’s focus and level of experience, possible career pathways include:

Multi-unit Foodservice
Director of Operations with culinary experience requirements Corporate/Menu Development Chef

Retirement Facilities and Chains
Director of Foodservice
Executive Chef
Director of Food & Beverage

Hospitality and Tourism
Director of Food & Beverage Positions with various types of organizations such as attractions, convention centres, hotels, off-premise catering, etc.

Food Processors and Brokers
Development Chef
Sales Representative
Sales Manager

Chef Executive Chef

Business Consulting
Foodservice Logistics
Food and Beverage Consulting
Food and Beverage Market Research

Media work
Event Chef
Owning a restaurant, catering services

Fee Structure at Chitkara University

You will save almost close to 1/3 of the international tuition fee for a similar program at George Brown College, Canada in culinary management when you will study first two years at Chitkara University. Our students have an option to transfer to George Brown College anytime after successful academic completion of their first two years with us and based on other conditions as laid in the “Transfer to Canada” section.


Bachelor in Culinary Management

fee per semester

Rs. 2,05,000/-

Fee Structure if you transfer in the 3rd year to George Brown College in Canada

Estimated fees for International students in the 1st and 2nd semester at George Brown College, Canada
Tuition $18,190.00
Material Fees $444
Administration Fees $482.90
Student Activity Fee $225.14
Student Levy $25.00
Canadian Federation $17.12
Health Insurance $736.05
TOTAL DUE $20,120.21

How to Apply

You can visit our website or download application form or visit us at our admission office in Chandigarh or speak to our representative. Once you meet the eligibility conditions below, you can deposit the application form with required documents and application fee to receive your letter of admission. The eligibility conditions are :


Toronto is the biggest city in Canada with a population of over three million people. It produces almost one-fifth of Canada’s GDP and it’s the centre of the country’s financial community. It is quickly emerging as one of the safest and fastest growing commercial cities across America and Canada, and has recently seen an explosion of American and multinational companies setting up their operations in Toronto who see Toronto as the city of future .

George Brown College has its campus right in downtown where the students are exposed to multiple opportunities for internships, and careers with industries like leading hotel chains who are all around the centre of downtown Toronto

Transfer to Canada

You have an option to apply for transfer to George Brown College in Canada after studying and demonstrating academic success (with a requisite GPA) and other statutory requirements while studying two years of Bachelor in Culinary Management at Chitkara University. You will be eligible to transfer into the third year of Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree of Culinary Management at George Brown College in Toronto with all transfer credits from the first two years of your study at Chitkara University where you will spend another two years of study to get a 4 year Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree of Culinary Management from George Brown College in Canada. You will also be eligible to apply and receive a three year of work permit after successful graduation. However, apart from demonstrating academic success in the first two years at Chitkara University, you have to secure a study permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC, the only Canadian government visa granting authority, and other conditions include but not limited to
Please note that IRCC has the sole right to grant or refuse any kind of visa to Canada and no external factor or entity has any say, control or influence on their decision. For more information visit citizenship/services/studycanada/work.html.

Work in Canada

International Student Permit Information