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B.E. in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering program prepares students for diverse careers in engineering, industry or research. The curriculum explores fundamental principles of mechanical engineering and their application to modern technological problems. Students collaborate on interdisciplinary work where they research and design creative, leading-edge solutions to these problems.

Course Duration

  • 4 years

Internship Opportunity

As part of the curriculum, students would be required to undergo a 6-month to 1-year stint of industrial training in blue chip corporations.

Campus Recruitment

Placement Opportunities in Fortune 500 companies


  • Passed Class 12 with a minimum aggregate of 60%, or secured 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics combined. Along with, writing JEE-MAINS 2022 [Feb/Mar/Apr/May] is mandatory.

B.E. - Mechanical Engineering

Chitkara University’s Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering curriculum includes significant hands-on activities and produces some of the most qualified and respected engineers in the field. The curriculum focuses on key fundamental areas such as fluid and solid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, applied mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Program Structure +
Program Content +

B.E. in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in CSE

Keeping in mind the huge industry demand for Mechanical Engineers with requisite coding skills, we are giving students the option to choose Computer Science Engineering as a minor from the 2nd Semester onwards.

Apart from the required courses in Mechanical Engineering, students would need to complete the following credit courses in Computer Science Engineering –

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Base and Information Systems
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Web Technology

Also, along with the introductory Computer Engineering programs, students will also have the option of choosing electives from emerging technology areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Cybersecurity.

With this minor in Computer Science Engineering, students will get access to placement opportunities in top IT companies apart from core companies looking for Mechanical Engineers.

Program Highlights

Students are introduced to the Science & Art of formulation, design, development, and control of systems, with components involving thermodynamics, mechanics, fluid Mechanics, mechanisms, and conversion of energy. The program addresses both-the quest to understand how things work and the desire to put this understanding to practical use. Mechanical Engineers research, design, develop, build and test mechanical and thermal devices, including tools, engines and machines.

  • Get industry Ready from day 1

    We meticulously focus on the industry readiness of our students and ensure that they have access to the latest technology. In this direction, we have forged collaborations with industry majors across sectors so that our curriculum and innovation labs are in sync with the latest industry trends and new developments.

  • Start Me Up

    Our world right now needs more entrepreneurs and startups than ever. Understanding that, Chitkara Innovation Incubator connects students with resources from design and prototyping to marketing and funding. As a result, the startup ideas shape into business actions in terms of new products and services and make a broader impact.

  • Specialize in Automotive Engineering

    The ME program gives students the opportunity to specialize in Automotive Engineering while introducing them to hybrid and electric vehicles. The students get to learn about the application of mechanical, thermodynamic, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical principles with the objective of resolving modern-day engineering problems.

You can explore career opportunities as:

  • Robotics System Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Application Engineering Manager
  • CAD Technician
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Waste Management Engineer
  • Control and Instrumentation Engineer

Be a part of India’s top rated university

Campus Recruitment

Career opportunities in Mechanical engineering are aplenty, with every mechanical manufacturer in rapid expansion mode and hiring engineers to meet their ever-growing demand. Our graduates can thus look forward to an exciting career path with the top Mechanical Engineering companies across the globe.

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