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4-year B. Pharmacy

Undergraduate program with a strong Pharmaceutical Industry focus and intensive practical exposure for a period of 6 months and more.


The 4-year Bachelor of Pharmacy program is aimed at creating skilled and competent Pharmacists, who guide the patients about the prescriptions of the doctors and provide medicines accordingly. This program gives students comprehensive knowledge of medical drugs and aids. The curriculum for Bachelor of Pharmacy includes in-depth study of Pharmacy – General Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, etc.


Bachelor of Pharmacy unlocks multiple career options in diverse fields. Chitkara University is in the league of premium Pharmacy colleges for advanced pedagogy with hands-on experience. In such experiential learning environment, students prosper in their career. After completion of this degree, graduates can opt for advanced studies such as Masters of Pharmacy. They develop the traits of being potentially employable as:

  • Drug Analyst
  • Drug Inspector
  • Manufacturing Chemist
  • QC Chemist
  • Product Development Manager
Some of the major companies who recruit our graduates are:


Bachelor of Pharmacy program curriculum is designed to produce a scientifically and technically competent Pharmacist, who can apply this education to provide maximum healthcare services to patients. The 4 major specialisation areas in Bachelor of Pharmacy are:

  • PHARMACEUTICS – Overview of Pharmacy and its applications in drug formulation, delivery and dispensing through various theory and practical subjects viz. General Pharmacy, Pharm. Engineering, Microbiology, Biopharmaceutics.
  • PHARMACOLOGY – Knowledge of clinical and physiological aspects, and their applications in studying the correlation of drugs and human body through theory and practical subjects viz. Anatomy Physiology and Pathophysiology, General Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, etc.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY – Knowledge of Chemistry of drug molecules, their preparation, synthesis, characteristics, analysis and application in Pharmacy. Includes theory and practical subjects viz. Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Biochemistry, etc.
  • PHARMACOGNOSY – Study of natural products as the source of drugs and their applications in Pharma industry through different theory and practical subjects of Pharmacognosy.
Eligibility & Fees
  • XII with a minimum aggregate of 50% with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics as compulsory subjects.
  • Personal interview.

Per Semester Rs. 80,000
ERP^ Rs. 8,000
CAS^^ Rs. 10,000

^ERP: Only at the time of admission.
^^Career Advancement Services (CAS): Only at the time of admission. Rs. 2,500 towards alumni services has to be paid with the last installment.

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