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B.Sc in Culinary Arts

At Chitkara School of Culinary Arts, we are committed to providing our students the highest level of academic excellence in culinary education so they can graduate fully prepared to thrive in the kitchen, in the office or anywhere their career takes them.

At Chitkara School, you’ll be immersed in an innovative curriculum that integrates classroom learning with hands-on experience in the kitchen. In addition to culinary courses, you’ll experience our top-notch general education classes that hone essential communication and problem solving skills critical to any profession. With a comprehensive understanding of the current foodservice industry we’ll help you get a leg-up on other applicants when entering the competitive job market.

Our career services team will ensure that you gain practical experience in respected kitchens and restaurants while in school. Our extensive selection of exciting internships and professional opportunities will help you build a network as you prepare for a career in the real world. Our instructors and chefs incorporate a global perspective – as you learn alongside students from across the country you can gain the confidence to work anywhere.

In Chandigarh, one of the country’smost vibrant culinary centers, you’ll be exposed to endless opportunities for learning and growth. Experience firsthand our unique community that fosters diversity, creativity, discipline, caring and passion for learning at Chitkara University.

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