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2-Year M. Plan (Urban Planning)

The M.Plan program at Chitkara University provides students technical and analytical skills needed to think strategically and promotes a deeper understanding of community-led and partnership-based urban development planning.

Course Duration

Course Duration

2 Years

Internship Opportunity


Mandatory Internship

Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment

The program is widely recognised by national and international organisations and agencies. The graduates are thus employed by top international development companies, real estate consultants, planning organisations and government departments responsible for city planning and developments and infrastructure.



A minimum of 55% in B.Planning / B.Arch / B.E (Civil) / M.A. (Economics / Sociology / Geography)

M. Plan (Urban Planning)

M. Plan (Urban Planning)

M.Plan (Urban Planning) Program Chitkara

Influencing how neighbourhoods, cities, and regions develop is the work of urban and regional planners. The Master of Planning (Urban Planning) degree program brings together experts from planning, sociology, engineering, law, architecture, social work, public health, landscape architecture, urban design, and other disciplines to build cities, tackle urban sprawl, upgrade housing, protect the environment, and, promote community and economic development. Furthermore, this two-year long full time Master’s program encourages students to think independently and critically about city and regional planning problems both domestically and internationally. It specifically emphasises the importance of both a spatial and comparative perspective to planning.

Program Objectives+
Program Framework +
M.Plan (Urban Planning) Program Chitkara

Program Highlights

The M.Plan (Urban Planning) program explores theories and international practices in urban development policy, planning and management that address contemporary spatial, socio-economic, environmental and political transformations across the globe. In addition, it is a responsive program that adapts to evolving urban challenges and provides the skills for students to grapple with them.

  • Focused Learning Approach

    Meticulous focus is laid upon helping students acquire knowledge on how to conduct field investigations, gather data, and create plans for the development of cities. Future graduates learn how to look at a variety of factors (e.g. economic, legal, environmental) and develop communication and analytical skills which are essential for promoting their plans. This opens up flexible career options for students in planning and development.

  • Industry Endorsed Curriculum

    The program reflects a balance of theory and practice to equip students for a career where they can create contemporary cities that serve sustainable goals, functional needs, and aesthetic goals. The experiential curriculum emphasises planning studios and courses where you will gain hands-on experience thinking, planning, and designing massive city layouts as well as proposing policies and recommendations for sustainable urban growth and development-related concerns.

  • Specialised Electives

    With the option to choose from a varied range of electives, the program equips participants to work effectively as development planners/practitioners in urban contexts by imparting a deeper understanding of the processes that generate urban change. The electives further help to enhance students' diagnostic and strategic capacities to respond to such change within a framework of socio-spatially and environmentally just urban governance.

You can explore career opportunities as:

  • Town Planner
  • Urban Planner
  • Strategic Planner
  • Planning Consultant
  • Strategic Development Consultants
  • Planning Educators

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