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B.A. in Psychology at Chitkara School of Psychology and Counselling has been designed to reflect the extensive breadth of psychology in terms of both – the range of behavioural phenomena studied and the variety of methods and theoretical approaches employed, while allowing students to pursue a career matching their interest.

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Course Duration

Course Duration

  • 3 Years of intensive learning at Chitkara University’s campus.
Internship Opportunity

Internship Opportunity

Students are required to undergo 450 hours of internship, which allows them the opportunity to apply their academic theory to real world setting. Their understanding of human behaviour, expertise in research, and ability to handle data, makes these students attractive to many diverse organisations that readily welcome them aboard as interns.

Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment

The graduates of this program can look forward to a successful career in hospitals, clinical settings, working in schools and colleges as counselors and also in corporate sectors as trainers and specialists in psychological assessments.



  • XII Passed (Any Stream)
  • Personal Interview

B.A. Psychology - Program Overview

B.A. Psychology - Program Overview

Psychology has evolved to be the most important branch of Social Sciences in recent times, particularly when it comes to the prediction of individual human behavior. Here at Chitkara University, we present Psychology as a scientific discipline that employs systematic methods of inquiry to study and explain human behavior, in terms of a variety of underlying variables; developmental factors and individual differences; and social and interpersonal influences and contexts. Gaining a professional B.A. Psychology degree, is an essential first step to build a career as a psychologist or to move on to postgraduate study in this vast and varied field.

Our highly regarded B.A. in Psychology program offers a rich and diverse curriculum. The combination of courses offered will enable the students to develop confidence, knowledge and capability in both the research and practical application of psychological theory. In this program, you’ll study subject modules that have been created specifically to help you gain career targeted skills in professional counselling. Your studies will culminate with choosing an area of counselling practice to focus on in which you will produce your own research project at the end of your final year. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and ability to apply your knowledge to a range of exciting career paths and further learning opportunities.

Some of the courses taught in B.A. Psychology will be: +

Program Highlights

The programs at Chitkara School of Psychology and Counseling have been designed with your career as its prime focus. With the choice of elective modules, you have the power to orient the focus of your degree and to specialise in areas that are more aligned with your career aspirations. This allows you control over your learning and gives you the opportunity to explore and choose from a wide range of different areas within psychology.

  • Outstanding Faculty & Infrastructure

    You’ll have access to modern, digital learning tools as you study and you’ll also have full support from our dedicated academic team, who are internationally respected industry practitioners, published authors and PhD holders in the field of psychology. Furthermore, we offer excellent facilities, such as a state-of-the-art Psychology laboratory with latest standardised tests and apparatus, research labs, computer labs with advanced softwares and designated room for counseling sessions, self-study and group discussions, which help in gaining hands-on experience in the subject of study.

  • Course Highlights

    The undergraduate curriculum has been designed to reflect the extensive breadth of psychology, while allowing students to pursue in greater depth areas matching their interest. Beyond basic core courses, students can take many specialised courses in areas such as psychobiology, cognition, measurement, personality, and clinical, social, developmental, community, and health psychology. The curriculum also provides excellent opportunities for research experience, either in the form of laboratory courses or by participation with faculty and graduate students in a wide variety of research projects.

  • Career Options

    Psychology graduates are attractive to organisations due to their understanding of human behaviour, expertise in research, and ability to handle data. They can choose to work in hospitals, schools, management, NGOs, Social Welfare Sectors, training industry, and take on many other professional roles. As well, this is one field which is growing at an unprecedented pace and by 2026 a 20% increase in demand for psychologists is estimated. Also, this hands-on Program imparts extensive transferable skills and has a solid practical component which ensures that on completing the program, our students are industry ready.

You can explore career opportunities in:

  • Clinical & Counselling Psychology
  • High-Level Management
  • Social Work
  • Education
  • Marketing / Salesv
  • Medical-Related Fields
  • Defense Services
  • Advertising
  • Human Resources

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