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M.Sc Psychology

This 2-Year M.Sc program aims to equip you with the skills & knowledge to fast-track your future career in clinical practice and become a professional leader in Psychology, Counselling and related fields.

M.Sc Clinical Psychology Program Chitkara M.Sc Clinical Psychology Program in Punjab, India | Chitkara
Course Duration

Course Duration

  • 1 year of intensive learning at Chitkara University campus followed by 1 year internship.
Internship Opportunity

Internship Opportunity

Students are required to undergo mandatory clinical internship in their second year, during which they have access to unlimited opportunities across various settings such as hospitals, healthcare centres, NGOs, community centres, etc. These internships allow you the opportunity to practically apply in real settings all the knowledge you’ve attained in the classroom.

Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment

A degree in Psychology, being wide in its scope, opens up numerous avenues for a student. Students can choose to work in Hospitals, Mental Health Clinics, Psychological Research, Psychological Assessment, Education, Management, Social Welfare Sectors, Forensic Science and many more domains.



  • Graduation (Any Stream)

M.Sc in Psychology - Program Overview

M.Sc in Psychology - Program Overview

M.Sc Clinical Psychology Students Chitkara

Scarcity of trained services and professionals is one of the fundamental barriers to the progress of mental health services in India. It was to overcome this scarcity, that Chitkara School of Psychology and Counselling launched the M.Sc in Psychology program.

The program is committed to the pursuit of a science-based approach to psychology. The clinical-scientist model serves as the basis of our training program that prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in academic, medical, and applied settings. As such, graduates of the program are expected to be competent in psychological research and be knowledgeable about the scientific bases of clinical psychology applications, such as assessment and intervention.

This multipronged training is consistent with the University’s mission of developing outstanding scientists and researchers in Psychology, while ensuring that graduates are competent to use these skills in applied clinical settings. The program is focused on developing skilled and ethical professionals who are competent in interpersonal relationships, assessment and evaluation, intervention and consultation, and research. This course is, thus, perfectly suited for Psychology graduates interested in careers as practitioners or researchers.

Some of the courses taught in M.Sc in Psychology will be: +
M.Sc Clinical Psychology Students Chitkara

Program Highlights

Our M.Sc in Psychology program aims to train the next generation of leaders, capable of functioning successfully in academic, research, clinical, community, and global dissemination settings by providing you the skills and knowledge that places you at a competitive advantage in your career pathways.

  • M.Sc Clinical Psychology Teaching Methodology Chitkara
    M.Sc Clinical Psychology Teaching Methodology Chitkara

    Teaching Methodology

    The program offers a seamless blend of clinical and research training at many levels and lays huge thrust on practical experience and internship. In addition to coursework, you have excellent opportunities to attend numerous symposiums, conferences and lectures from expert practitioners. You also have access to modern, digital learning tools as you study and the full support from our highly accomplished academic team. The program has its own on-campus training clinic, advanced laboratories and many clinical faculty offer specialised practica in their areas of expertise.

  • M.Sc Clinical Psychology course highlights Chitkara
    M.Sc Clinical Psychology course highlights Chitkara

    Course Highlights

    In addition to our traditional clinical training program, we also offer a research track. This track provides a way to gain research experience, which is ideal for students who may want to later apply to clinical research doctoral programs. Studying this course will set you up with the knowledge and professional skills to move into a range of health service and research careers. It is particularly good preparation for work as an assistant psychologist, and a foundation for further postgraduate training or research.

  • M.Sc Clinical Psychology career options, Chitkara
    M.Sc Clinical Psychology career options, Chitkara

    Career Options

    These are remarkable times for psychology and Clinical Psychology is the largest sub-field of this broad and exciting field which offers a wide scope of professional openings. Graduates of this program can work in community, health/medical, academic, and/or research settings or in consulting with top corporate executives. They can also work directly with patients who are struggling with mental illness and other ailments. Many graduates also use this as a launching pad to pursue further postgraduate training or research in their area of specialisation in Clinical Psychology.

You can explore career opportunities as:

  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Mental Health Support Worker
  • Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Health Care Researcher
  • Child Counsellor
  • School Counsellor

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