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Chitkara University is a dream envisioned and realized by Dr. Ashok K Chitkara and Dr. Madhu Chitkara — two academicians dedicated to the mission of spreading the light of education. Through their diligence and inspiring leadership, they have helped create a learning environment that represents a unique blend of distinguished faculty, brilliant students and proactive collaborations with the best in the industry.


The genesis of an institution of academic excellence lies in the principles, profile and the vision of its founders who define its mission, purpose and direction. Chitkara University was founded around the vision, and the academic accomplishments of Dr. Ashok Chitkara and Dr. Madhu Chitkara, who have pledged more than four decades of their lives, and career to educate, and mentor students. Their commitment to the quality of education and student success has become the cornerstone of Chitkara University’s growth philosophy.

Our academic excellence is complimented by an accomplished faculty, impressive infrastructure, extracurricular facilities and adequate residential accommodations. At Chitkara University, the quality of education takes a clear precedence over quantity of students where we keep a check on small class sizes so that each student gets the time, attention and the mentorship that they deserve from their teachers.

Our alums are the biggest testimonials of our commitment to academic excellence, and have made us proud with their accomplishments in diverse careers, nationally and overseas. We offer career placement services and an access to global education through student exchanges, course articulations, study abroad options, etc. where we have partnered with more than 200 leading institutions in different continents.

Being a research-focused University, we encourage new ideas and innovations to provide support and help realise students’ vision. We have some of the best entrepreneurship Incubation Centers in India, across our campuses, to provide our students with the infrastructure and resources coupled with a strong mentorship from veterans, in their respective field. Our doors are open for all to come and discover an applied education that is way ahead of its time at Chitkara University. Come, ‘Explore Your Potential’.

Chancellor, Chitkara University – Punjab

“Your selection of a University and a study program starts an exciting phase of your life journey. You will embark upon a journey that will lead to building your careers and life. Students from around the country are attracted to Chitkara University because of our commitment to teaching excellence, focus on research, tailored courses that make our education relevant to changing career dynamics and our formidable industry partnerships who believe in our academic excellence. We look forward to welcoming you to your bright future at Chitkara University.”

Pro-Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab

“Chitkara Education brings with it a reputation that has been earned through years of serving the career-needs of the student community. At Chitkara, we have a single minded obsession to deliver consistent academic quality that will impart the necessary skill sets to our graduates. There are many reasons to choose Chitkara University including a great infrastructure, accomplished faculty, international partnerships etc. but it is the focus on academic rigour and critical thinking that has kept us and our students ahead of the curve.”

Dr Archana Mantri
Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University – Punjab

Dr Archana Mantri is PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering with 30 years of experience in Research, Development, Training, Academics and Administration of Institutes of Higher Technical Education. Her areas of expertise are Project Management, Problem and Project Based Learning, Curriculum design.

Dr S. C. Sharma
Registrar, Chitkara University – Punjab

Dr S. C. Sharma is Registrar, Chitkara University, Punjab. He holds a position of immense authority and responsibilities, which include supervision of tasks such as registration requests, framing the rules for admissions and discharges, scheduling and maintaining of the permanent records of grades, marks and lists of classes, among others.

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