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2-Year BACHELOR of Education (B.Ed)

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Program at Chitkara College of Education has been designed to nurture the αlpha Teachers to become facilitators and to create the understanding of using innovative tools and techniques in teaching.


The B.Ed program in Education is designed to meet the national and international standards, and is delivered by highly qualified faculty. The program has a balanced exposure to both academic and on-job training, and will be a 2-year full-time course, including a compulsory internship.

Our intensive teacher training program focuses to enhance the language proficiency and digital literacy of the αlpha Teachers thus catering to the needs of Generation-Z and Generation-αlpha α Learners. It provides αlpha Teachers with an opportunity to learn to function as a teacher under α extended school internship through scholarship mode. The program harbours a ‘Growth-Mindset’ in αlpha Teachers to equip them with basics of child psychology, that nurtures them to become α facilitators and creates an understanding of using innovative tools and techniques in teaching. The program empower our αlpha Teachers to become globally adaptive, digitally competent and α instills language proficiency among them to become lifelong learners and researchers. The other objectives of the programs are to foster enthusiasm and skills among our αlpha Teachers, so that they are transferred beyond the walls of school to the communities. They also imbibe the spirit to connect relationally, to inoculate αlpha Teachers to lead directionally and strategically, with α brilliant future.


Chitkara University offers a learning experience that improves your employment prospects. We maintain close links with leading blue-chip companies and professional associations to deliver most of our academic programs.

Strong corporate relationships also have a direct influence on our degree programs and have resulted in our “industry ready” curricula. This ensures that our education is up-to-date and valued by the future employers of our alumni.

Chitkara College of Education maintains a close links with leading corporations and professional associations to deliver our programs through these alliances. We stay in touch with industry, ensuring that our courses are relevant, practical and deliver the skills in demand allowing our αlpha Teachers to hit the ground running.

industry-academia partnerships

Our αlpha teachers, once shaped, have abundant career opportunities and great placement prospects, in a variety of work areas. They can work in the following areas:

  • Teacher
  • Guidance Worker
  • Mentor
  • Researcher
  • Educational Expert
  • Examiner
  • Co-ordinator
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Administrator
  • Principal
  • Data Manager
  • Interview Panelist
  • NGO Worker

Our unique pedagogy involves various innovative teaching, teaching-learning, assessment tools and techniques used during two years of enriching experience, which ultimately is bestowed upon our to apply in their respective classes once they start functioning as teachers αlpha teachers themselves.

The Degree programs prepare for real classroom teaching and offers αlpha Teachers opportunities for practical, hands-on experience and extended internship. Take advantage of this experience to gain practical skills employers are looking for and open various avenues to career opportunities. Academics at Chitkara College of Education keeps pace with workplace demands and ensures that students are ‘work ready’ and in touch with what is expected by the Generation-Z and Generation-αlpha Learners.

We deliver all our programs through various modes but primarily through faculty teaching, online, offline, guest faculty, teaching practice mode, etc. Some innovative pedagogical practices used are: Flipped Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Story Telling, Blended Learning & Comic strips.

Eligibility & Fees
  • Graduate/Post Graduate with a minimum aggregate of 50%
Per Semester Rs. 32,000
ERP* Rs. 10,000

The fees for any of the above programs is subject to revision.
*ERP: Only at the time of admission.

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