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2-Year BACHELOR of Education (B.Ed)

The 2-Year B.Ed program focuses on altering the DNA of Alpha Teachers’ and shaping the future generations.

At Chitkara College of Education, our NCTE approved 2-Year innovative and comprehensive B.Ed program has been designed to alter the DNA of prospective teachers so that they can cater to the diverse needs of 21st-century learners. The uniqueness of this program lies in strong internship opportunities with leading K-12 Schools of North-India through which the alpha teachers learn to link theory & practice and acquire necessary skills to teach effectively in a range of classroom situations.

The program has kept the evolution of learners into consideration and the entire structure of the Teacher Education Program has been revamped and redesigned. The concept of Alpha TEACHERS was envisioned in order to meet the varying interests of Generation-Z and Alpha learners who have higher levels of digital literacy than their parents or teachers and demand the freedom to choose their method of learning. These alpha Teachers are nurtured to become facilitators and are acquainted with the understanding and usage of innovative tools and techniques in teaching. They are proficient to build an effective learning environment for the Generation-Z and Alpha learners.

The 2-Years of teachers education program is divided into 4 semesters, which provides intensive field engagement to the prospective teachers along with the modules. The hands-on training is supplemented with expert talks by the professionals from across the country so that the students enter the teaching profession with skills and dispositions, which help them to become successful teachers while receiving mentorships and training from the Program Curators of Chitkara College of Education.

Year 1 Year 2
Semester 1 September (First 2 Weeks)
Module Delivery
September 3rd Week – 3rd Week December
Internship/Teaching Practice
December (Last 1 Week)
Semester 3 June (Last 1 Week)
Module Delivery
June 1st Week – 3rd Week December
Internship/Teaching Practice
December (Last 1 Week)
Semester 2 January (Second & Third Week)
Module Delivery
January 4th Week – May 3rd Week
Internship/Teaching Practice
May (Last 1 Week)
Semester 4 May (Last 1 Week)
Module Delivery
January 2nd Week – May 4th Week
Internship/Teaching Practice
June (Last 1 Week)
* This schedule is a sketch of our program delivery. It is subject to amendment(s).


EDExpert: Be an Educational Expert

The focus of this module would be to gain a ‘feel’ of the multiple roles of a teacher and an understanding of the ‘school culture’. The αlpha Teachers shall get an experience of handling the classroom problems and get an exposure to work as an Associate αlpha Teacher wherein they gain a lot of experience in organizing field visits for the students and interschool events. This module shall focus on making the αlpha Teachers self-learners, reflective, expressive, collaborative professionals and digitally competent.

EDMentor: Learn to be a Facilitator

The focus of this module shall be to understand the key concepts of gender, the paradigm shift from women’s studies to gender studies. The significance of gender, power and sexuality in today’s scenario and classroom teaching. Exposure to global and national commitments towards the education of children with diverse needs. Guidance & Counselling and Creating of Inclusive Classrooms.

EDSocial: Reach out to the Community

The main area of concern of this module shall be to sharpen the Issues of Conservation and Environmental Regeneration, Community Work and Co-Curricular activities. αlpha Teachers would develop an interest in Art and Aesthetics which would further help them in creating theme based classrooms to make their lessons and activities in the class more attractive to the students.

EDGlobal: Be a part of the Global Community

The core of this module is to cognize the Global connect and curriculum mapping of different boards. This module shall train the αlpha Teachers in dealing with Human Resource Management in Schools. The Soft skill training, ICT Proficiency, Use of Twitter, Facebook and Whats App for educational purposes, participation in Yahoo Groups, Creation of Blogs and Student Exchange shall be the major focal points of this module.

EDProfile: Develop a Career Boosting Profile

This module shall grill the αlpha Teachers for facing the interview panel, focus on Resume Writing, helps in imbibing the Skills for Placement and e-Portfolio Construction which will help them in getting an exposure to career guidance.

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