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2-Year BACHELOR of Education (B.Ed)

The 2-Year B.Ed course aims at a complete development of the student teacher; particularly knowledge and skills, in individual care of the learner and also in the methods and evaluation designed to facilitate learning.

At Chitkara College of Education, we understand and appreciate the importance of “LEARNING TO FUNCTION AS A TEACHER” module for an effective 2-Year B.Ed Program which enables student-teachers to acquire beginning teaching competencies.

“LEARNING TO FUNCTION AS A TEACHER” module will take the form of shorter period of attachment with schools for school experience and teaching assistantship and another of a longer duration for block teaching.

Our student-teachers also complete a one-year service-learning project which helps to develop the holistic person in the student-teacher.

Apart from regular internship in leading schools/ Educational organisations of the country, there will also be an intensive focus on classroom teaching where leading practitioners from across the country will interact with our B.Ed teachers. The intensive modules with renowned academicians and industry experts will be spread across the 2 years and tentative schedule is as below –

Year 1 Year 2
Semester 1 August ( 2 weeks)
December (1 week)
Semester 3 August ( 2 weeks)
December (1 week)
Semester 2 April (1 week)
June ( 2 weeks)
Semester 4 April (1 week)
June ( 2 weeks)

The focus of this module is to gain a ‘feel’ of the multiple roles of a teacher and an understanding of the ‘school culture’. The students acquire an experience of handling the classroom problems and also get an exposure to work as an assistant teacher wherein they gain a lot of experience in organizing field visits, interschool events etc.


This module shall acquaint the students with the various aspects of growth and development at different stages, will help the prospective teachers to identify the students on the basis of type and trait theories, differentiate among the learners based on their cognitive abilities. This module will also help in developing the skill among the learners to differentiate the students on the basis of their different learning styles.


The students shall get acquainted with the terminologies of Assessment and Evaluation. With hands on experience provided to them during their internship program the students will be able to develop the formative and summative tasks keeping Bloom’s Taxonomy in mind. The art of transparent evaluation will also be told to the students thereby helping them to develop the skill of developing the Rubrics. Due to the diverse learning needs of the child the prospective teachers will also conduct Action Research during the Intensive teaching practise. The prospective teachers will master the skill of performing the invigilation duties, conducting various competitive examinations, performing the Pedagogical Analysis.


Students will get exposure to unfold the function of the teacher as a manager by performing various duties like conducting parent teacher meeting, various co-curricular activities etc. in the school. They will learn the art of record keeping and maintenance for transparent and effective working of the school.


The focus of this module is to understand the key concepts of gender and the paradigm shift from women’s studies to gender studies. The alpha teachers will also be able to identify the significance of gender, power and sexuality in today’s scenario and classroom teaching. The prospective teachers would also get hands on experience in Guidance and Counselling and Creation of Inclusive Classrooms which is the need of the hour.


This Module will focus on issues of conservation and Environmental Regeneration, Community Work and Co-Curricular activities and Art and aesthetics thereby providing the alpha teachers with holistic and all round development that would help them to become able citizens of the society.


alpha teachers need to evolve globally so that they can connect with the growing needs of the students on a global level. So, this module will particularly emphasise on Global connect and curriculum mapping of different boards, Human Resource Management in Schools, Soft skill training, ICT Proficiency, Use of Digital Technologies, Learning Manager Systems, Twitter, Facebook, Mobile Apps and Ed Modo etc. for educational purposes.


This module shall focus on Resume Writing, Interview Skills for Placement, Human Resource management, Portfolio Construction thereby enabling the prospective teachers to present themselves confidently while appearing for interviews as well as placement drills.

Academic Partnership with Chitkara International School

Chitkara International School is an ecosystem where intellect evolves the application and potential becomes performance. Established in the year 2004, the school is located in the CITY BEAUTIFUL “Chandigarh”. The campus is spread over 3.65 acres of land and is positioned as one of the premier schools of North India.

CIS is accredited to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The school also offers the CIE program (Cambridge International Examinations) for the primary learners. This advanced comprehensive program of study offers an integrated approach to learning across disciplines with an emphasis on meeting challenges in a global and technology – enabled society. Teaching is individualized and responsive to the talents of each student and the rigorous curriculum integrates the concepts and skills embedded within the major disciplines.

Chitkara International School has a longstanding reputation of doing the very best for each and every individual student.


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