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A hands-on program with rigorous theoretical training that integrates didactic classroom lectures with clinical practice.


A higher professional degree in Optometry equips students to offer specialist advice on eye care and provide timely diagnostic intervention. Sound training in Optometry also enables professionals to specialise in the fields of low vision, advanced contact lenses, binocular vision, vision therapy, rehabilitation, neuro optometric rehabilitation and behavioural optometry etc. This program offers students excellent advantage in terms of hands-on exposure and rigorous theoretical training. In a nutshell, a career in Optometry offers personal growth, unlimited opportunity, respect in society, contribution to the community for improving healthcare, and as a result good quality of life, job flexibility and financial success.


Optometrists usually work in eye hospitals, clinics and opticians’ outlets or with multinational vision care companies. You may also specialise in particular types of vision disorders (squints, colour blindness etc). After gaining experience in a private establishment or with a lens manufacturer, you can open your own practice. You will be surprised to know that optometry features among the top 10 income-earning professions in the US. Flexibility in practice and myriad choices in geographic location are an added advantage. Following are the roles Chitkara University graduates can explore:

  • Vision Therapist
  • Behavioural Optometry Specialist
  • Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation Professional
  • Low Vision Specialist
  • Orthoptist

Masters in Optometry is a recommended program to the graduates in Optometry to enhance their knowledge in Vision Science, Clinical diagnosis & Optometric Management Practices. This course trains participants for professional specialisation in various areas of Optometry: contact lenses, pediatric optometry, low vision, practice management etc. Further, they will be able to conduct eye tests to examine the patient’s vision, prescribe eyeglasses & contact lenses, provided vision therapy & low vision rehabilitation as and when required. The course has a mixed academic focus – it trains students for both specialised professional practice and research.

At Chitkara University, the program offers students great advantages in terms of hands-on exposure and rigorous theoretical training. Students attend lectures at the campus and the clinical & research component of the curriculum is carried out with our industry partners.

Eligibility & Fees
  • Completion of Bachelor’s Degree in Optometry B.Optom/ B.Sc Optometry program.
  • Online entrance test and research protocol presentation.
  • Project presentation on a relevant subject of student’s choice.
  • Viva and personal interview.

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