Top Career opportunities in the healthcare industry

Top Career opportunities in the healthcare industry

Back in the day, there were only 2 career options for a student from a science background, engineering and medical. Every student in class 12th was seen opting for one of these two mainstream careers. The healthcare sector is booming with the growing population. For most of us, the healthcare sector means doctors and the related medical domains. Exams like NEET and related medical exams are the most competitive exams in the country and not every student gets admission to MBBS for some other reason. But now things have changed, there are multiple non-medical careers that students can opt for. These are high-paying sectors with job security and immense opportunities in the future. Chitkara University offers multiple degrees in these fields, lets’s have a look at these in detail: –

BSc and MSc in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)

This is a healthcare professional course concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases through the use of chemical, hematological, immunological, microscopic, and bacteriological diagnostic analysis. The BSc is a 4-year degree course that provides hands-on training focusing on various disciplines of diagnostic testing with a one-year compulsory rotatory internship with industry partners. The MSc is a 2-year degree course along with 6 months of internship.

BSc and MSc in Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology (MRIT)

They employ a range of different imaging techniques and sophisticated equipments to produce high-quality images during any disease or injury. They use techniques like X-rays, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Angiography, DEXA, MRI, CT etc. Chitkara University provides the necessary ‘hands-on’ clinical experience imperative for the students pursuing this course.

BSc in Dialysis Therapy Technology (DTT)

This is a 4-year degree program that prepares its students to become trained dialysis technicians. With the rise in the number of patients requiring care and assistance, there is a need for dialysis technicians both in India and abroad. The curriculum is designed to impart contemporary academic teaching along with practical training and internship.

BSc and MSc in Operation Theatre Technology (OTT)

This course is designed to ensure that the candidate gains enough expertise to be a part of the surgical team. The students are trained to maintain the OT equipments, check the infection control practices and sterilization of the OT. In this 4-year full-time program, the student also learns in-depth about pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative areas. The MSc is a 2-year degree course along with industrial exposure that provides hands-on training experience to the candidates.

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

This unique program imparts a thorough understanding of both nutritionist and dietician courses enabling students to better interpret modern health concerns. It not only deals with nutritional recommendations but also focuses on research in medical, dietary needs and human biosciences. It is a 4-year full-time BSc program that also encompasses some of the most critically important issues affecting modern society such as world hunger and globalization of food etc.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) and Masters of Physiotherapy

These are the healthcare professionals who diagnose and oversee the management of patients to improve their physical and functional abilities. They help their patients maintain optimal health, mobility and fitness. They also make sure that the patient’s onset or progression of impairments, functional limitations and disabilities related to the disease are prevented. It is a 4.5 years degree course where the first two years equip students with theoretical knowledge and firm foundation in the subjects. The third and fourth years are more hands-on with more focus on clinical and practical application. The areas of specialization for the masters are Neurology, Musculoskeletal, Cardio-Respiratory and Sports.

Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharm)

This is a 4-year undergraduate program recognized by PCI (Pharmacy Council of India) and designed to introduce students to the properties and impacts of pharmaceutical drugs. Students learn to use modern pharmaceutical tools, software and equipments. There 4 major specialization areas are Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Pharmacognosy.

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D)

This is an innovative combination of a Degree and a Masters’s program that offers intensive clinical practice. It is a 6-year intensive learning program with a 1-year compulsory hospital internship. The course is approved by the PCI (Pharmacy Council of India) and the curriculum is designed to produce a scientifically and technically competent pharmacist.

Post Basic BSc Nursing

This is a 2-year Post-Basic BSc Nursing course that is offered to general Nursing Diploma holders to equate them with graduate nurses. In this, the candidate should pass general nursing and midwifery and be registered as an R.N.R.M with the State Nurses Registration Council. The course integrates the knowledge of various fields. It teaches the students to provide the patient and their families holistic care during illness and rehabilitation post-recovery.

MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

This is a 2 Year degree course that provides the students with knowledge about drug discovery, regulatory requirements, approval processes and methodologies used by industries to comply with regulations and the role of key operational units in drug manufacturing units. The MBA program in Pharmaceutical Management is oriented toward the development of graduates into skilled managers in the field of Sales and Marketing, Business Development profiles and Market Research Domain.

MSc in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research

This postgraduate program emphasizes on providing expertise in the evaluation of medicines and intensive technical exposure in regards to Clinical Research and Drug Safety Prospective. This program is in collaboration with Parexel. It’s a 2-year Intensive learning course along with industry-specific courses from Parexel.

Masters in Optometry

This is a 2-year degree course that provides the student with the ability to offer specialist advice on eye care and provide timely diagnostic intervention. Students can later specialize in fields like low vision, advanced contact lenses, binocular vision, vision therapy, rehabilitation, neuro-optometric rehabilitation and behavioural optometry etc.

All these courses complement the healthcare industry in every way possible. The medical field and the related domains cannot function without the help of these streams. Chitkara University provides the appropriate environment along with professional faculties for the students to make their dreams a reality. The top recruiters at Chitkara University for the above-mentioned courses are Fortis, Zydus, Apollo, Nanavati, Wockhardt, Path Kind Labs etc.


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