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After completion of 4th semester in B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, students have the opportunity to pursue specialisation in Mobile Computing.


Mobile phones have emerged as a truly pervasive and affordable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform in the last decade. Mobile applications have enabled us to have a world of information at our fingertips, and while it is a constantly evolving field, mobile development is here to stay.

Mobile and Wireless technology has become a fire wave of the future to benefit every aspect of our life including business, personal, education, medical, entertainment as well as global communication. From start-ups to large corporations, all kinds of companies are hiring developers to create engaging mobile apps. At Chitkara University, students will learn the process of building a mobile app from idea to product, for various operating systems. Students will also be exposed to valuable industry inputs and insights into the process of creating cutting-edge mobile technology and develop skills to independently analyse, design, develop, deploy, and troubleshoot mobile applications and services.


With the growing pace of communication and globalisation, sources of data communication have been growing in all the sectors. Nowadays, one of the fast-growing spot in the stream of communication is the Wireless and Mobile Technology. As per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) figures, India became the World’s Number 1 Mobile Market in 2013 with more than a billion mobile users. The figures and statistics of the Indian Telecommunication Industry with around 100 mobile phone operators looks very lucrative and obviously tremendous job opportunities are available for Engineers in this stream. The career options in the wireless and mobile technologies include:

  • Mobile Phone System Engineer
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Mobile Applications Testing Specialist
  • IPAD Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Mobile & Software Platform Architect

Students will complement their Computer Science education with an in-depth skill set, including building and programming effective mobile apps, learning the constraints and usability functions of mobile devices, and exploring the current methods to create successful client/ server mobile solutions. Students will cover both theory and practice required to design and build applications for mobile-based services. The program will focus on developing hands-on skills pertaining to the latest and most popular platforms, e.g. IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. They will be trained not only to use existing mobile platforms but also to build new ones. Projects will also be an integral part of the program. Students will:

  • Gain foundational understanding of the current field of mobile computing.
  • Get hands-on experience with current mobile platforms, which will provide students a strong insight into what it means to develop mobile application software.
  • Evaluate the role that mobile systems play in the ever-changing technology field.
  • Compare and contrast various technologies involved in mobile communication, including encryption and networking.
  • Understand mobile concepts to design and develop new and innovative applications for current and future mobile devices.

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