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Computer Science & Engineering

After completion of 4th semester in B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, the students have the opportunity to pursue specialisation in Game Design and Augmented Reality.

We have all played and enjoyed games, but how do people actually design them? How do you describe a game? What are the basic elements? How do designers create an experience for the player? What about prototyping and iterating?

This specialisation will help explore these questions and participants will be introduced to game design and game design concepts, emphasizing the basic tools of game design: paper and digital prototyping, design iteration, and user testing. Also this specialisation will introduce you to the exciting world of augmented reality (AR). This is a challenging, multi-disciplinary subject area in which you’ll learn the skills required to create VR/AR simulations, games, visualisations and apps.

You’ll study the creation of digital content and the practical application of VR/AR technologies. You’ll learn how to research and develop your own VR/AR concepts – creating 2D and 3D digital artwork, as well as computer animation and sound for VR/AR. In addition, you’ll study the evolving theories and principals of design-led VR/AR. This includes designing for immersive environments, location-based mobile apps and wearable technologies. You’ll also research and explore theories of user-centred design and user experience.