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SPECIALISATION IN Robotic Process Automation in collaboration with Automation Anywhere

Automation is driving a new way of working. The future workplace will feature a blend of human and digital workforce (’bots’) and this symbiotic relationship will create many exciting, new career possibilities

Specialisation in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for our Computer Science Engineering graduates would prepare students to get industry-ready for this most in-demand and high-paying skills.

Robotic Process Automation is a game-changing technology that is designed to automate high-volume, repeatable tasks that take up a large percentage of a workers’ time. Much like industrial robots have automated blue-collar work in factories, RPA Software is coming to automate white collar work.

The goal of this specialisation is to provide you with a clear overview of what RPA is, how it works and when to apply it, and at the same time gives you hands-on technology experience by helping you build a robot that automates a simple business process in the Automation Anywhere RPA Software. This way you’ll both understand the bigger picture, and you will know how the technology works in practice. Further, we will look at how to pilot the technology in an enterprise setting so that you know what steps to take to succeed with any RPA initiative in your organisation. At the end of this specialisation, you will learn:

  • What is RPA and how does it work
  • Why is RPA a hot topic right now
  • Components of the Automation Anywhere Platform
  • Automation Anywhere Developer Software
  • How to build a simple software robot=How to pilot and implement RPA in enterprises
About Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is the global leader in RPA Software with 3500+ enterprises across 90+ countries. and enable companies to operate with unprecedented productivity and efficiency by automating any part of the enterprise that can be automated with the most intelligent and intuitive Robotic Process Automation platform.

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