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Electronic Computer Engineering


Let us know the program overview of Electronics and Computer Engineering in Chitkara University. A cross-discipline, integrated program that explores the exciting interface between the two subjects, keeping in sync with the latest developments that cross the boundary between hardware electronics, software, and computer systems.

Electronics and Computer Engineering


Electronics and Computer Engineering is the integration of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to develop computer systems. Both these disciplines are closely linked and specifically interwoven to enhance our experience of the world and shape the convenience of our future in terms of solving problems, and developing products & systems. Thus, increasing the accuracy, speed and quality of information sources and technology.

Electronics and Computer Engineering encompasses not just the software aspects of computing but also the hardware. Knowing how the hardware works as well as the software, enables the design of systems that incorporate both counterparts and presents an understanding of the whole process from writing software programs that work on a particular operating system to the communication of this with the hardware.

Combining these two disciplines gives you an excellent grounding in both subject areas and prepares you for a wide range of careers, in both or either fields. This cross-discipline study gives you the advantage of becoming a multi-skilled professional Engineer with a thorough understanding of the concepts and techniques from other closely related areas that are likely to influence and affect your career, such as object-oriented programming or artificial intelligence.


An Electronics Engineer can find employment in the Consumer Electronics manufacturing organisation, Telecommunication and IT Industry, Healthcare equipment manufacturing organisation, Mobile Communication (2G,3G,4G), Internet Technologies, and Power Electronics industry. As a graduate from Chitkara University, you can choose your own path. ECE program at Chitkara University offers in-depth study in a wide range of disciplines that will open doors to almost any career you can imagine. You can create your own mix of qualifications and choose a career in the following fields:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Energy Systems
  • Mechatronics & Systems Control
  • Software & Hardware Engineering
  • Digital & Analog Electronics
  • Electromagnetics & RF Microwave
  • Photonics
  • Communications
Some of the major companies who recruit our graduates are:


Our Electronics and Computer Engineering program will provide you with the knowledge of Electronics and its application, Computer Systems and the latest software to prepare you for a career in Information Technology and Computing Industries. This Degree is designed to cross the boundaries between hardware electronics, software and computer systems. Following a common core in Electronics and Computing, you will take modules in computer programming, operating systems, computer architectures & graphics, networking and the structure and operation of the internet, enabling you to develop a thorough understanding of modern computer systems. In combining the two disciplines- Electronics and Computers- you will gain an excellent grounding in both subjects plus the chance to explore the exciting interface between the two.

  • Interdisciplinary teaching within the University gives you access to cross-discipline modules taught by subject specialists.
  • Our faculty are conducting world-leading research in Machine Learning, Memory Technology and Biomedical Electronics, enabling you to keep up with the latest advances throughout your Degree.
  • You will obtain hands-on practical experience of designing and constructing electronic systems using computer simulation and practical laboratory work.
  • This cutting-edge program adapts to the latest developments in Electronics Technology.
Eligibility & Fees
  • XII passed with a minimum aggregate of 60% or secures 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Class XII,
Per Semester Rs. 82,000
ERP^ Rs. 10,000

The fees for any of the above programs is subject to revision.
^ERP: Only at the time of admission

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