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This program is offered in Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh.

A well-rounded program that aims to develop a strong foundation in the areas of engineering and applied sciences while also giving students an opportunity to tackle practical problems using their analytical skills and theoretical know-how.


Civil Engineering is an evergreen vocation that has lived through the ages. Students graduating from this program have traditionally been known to conceptualize, create, and maintain the built environment. These days, however, they are also involved in preserving the natural environment by designing infrastructure that is environment-friendly and non-invasive. Civil engineers lead interesting lives as they are involved in molding the way cities, towns, and villages exist. They are responsible for erecting timeless buildings, dams, waste processing plants, sewage systems, bridges, railway routes, aerodromes, waterways, and many other indispensable physical structures that make our surroundings liveable. Consequently, they play the role of protector by ensuring that safe structures that enhance everyone’s quality of life are put in place on time.

The Civil Engineering program at Chitkara University focuses on building expertise in core subjects like Materials Management, Mechanics, Hydraulics, and Statistical Analysis. In addition, students are exposed to the concepts of design including the application of computer-aided design techniques. The program also takes into account the need for practical training which is why in its final year it entails field trips, multi-student projects, and a host of other application-based assignments that give students an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to problems faced on the ground.

  • Earthquake Engineers make sure structures can withstand earthquakes.
  • Environmental Engineers protect the environment and protect us from extreme weather.
  • Geo-technical Engineers focus on the ground, which affects everything built on it (buildings), with it (dams and levees) and in it (tunnels and pipelines).
  • Project Management Engineers make sure entire projects are delivered on time and on budget.

A Degree in Civil Engineering covers a plethora of scientific topics, including, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Materials Science and Statistical Analysis. At the Chitkara University, the study of these foundation subjects will be complemented with the development of design skills, with computer-aided designs in particular. The final year will involve field trips and the conception of several personal or team projects, which will further play an important role to provide on-the-job training and real-life application of knowledge.


With the increasing rate of urbanization as well as the rapid modernization of rural areas, the demand for Civil Engineers is slated to consistently rise all over the world. Aside from building hi-tech infrastructure that satisfies the needs of all kinds of inhabitants, civil engineers are being entrusted with tasks like building mechanisms to counter the effects of climate change. From Earthquake Specialists who ensure that physical structures are earthquake resilient to Environmental Engineers who help tone down the effects of extreme weather by developing protective infrastructure to Geo-Technical Engineers who study the land to ascertain its ability to support heavy structures of all kinds, Civil Engineers from good engineering colleges in Punjab have a rich cache of career choices to select from. If you are looking for a more holistic career, you can also build a career in Project Management that allows you to supervise civil engineering projects and make sure that they are delivered on time and within the specified budget.

Some of the major companies who recruit our graduates are:


The Civil Engineering program at Chitkara University prepares students to take on a variety of jobs. It enables them to create state-of-the-art structures of all kinds including sporting arenas, community centers, residential and commercial buildings, highways, and bridges. At the same time, it gives them the requisite knowledge and practical experience to take on jobs that allow them to create safe living environments and rebuild communities after the onslaught of natural disasters. Here are a few skills that aspiring Civil Engineers develop at Chitkara:

  • Ability to comprehend and utilize principles of Mathematics including Calculus and Trigonometry that help analyse, design, and troubleshoot problems.
  • Problem solving techniques that help dissect complex problems and manage multi-layered projects
  • Leadership abilities that help manage large scale projects and successfully integrate all partnering resources
  • Ability to manage conflicting objectives like financial constraints, safety regulations, and customer aspirations.
  • Decision making skills that are required to take quick and effective decisions keeping in mind all related aspects.
Eligibility & Fees
  • XII passed with a minimum aggregate of 60% or secures 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Class XII,
Per Semester Rs. 80,000 (Only Himachal-Campus)
ERP^ Rs. 10,000

The fees for any of the above programs is subject to revision.
^ERP: Only at the time of admission

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