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School of Maritime Studies


Q 1. What is DGS?+
Q 2 Why approval is required from DGS?+
Q 3. What is the difference Nautical Studies and Marine Engineering?+
Q 4. Which field is better?+
Q 5. How do I choose between Deck & Engine?+
Q 6. What is the hierarchy in various dept.?+
Q 7. What will be the expense of this training and what all will be included?+
Q 8. What is Merchant Navy and how is it different from Indian Navy?+
Q 9. What Are Different Careers in Merchant Navy?+
Q 10. What is merchant navy uniform like? Do they have to wear the uniform all the time?+
Q 11. What Type of Ships Merchant Navy Professionals Work On?+
Q 12. What Is Lifestyle In Merchant Navy Like?+
Q 13. Is it an adventurous life?+
Q 14. What Are The Requirements for Joining Merchant Navy?+
Q 15. How Much Salary Does One Earn in Merchant Navy?+
Q 16. How many people are there on a merchant navy ship?+
Q 17. Is merchant navy a good career option for girls?+
Q 18. What options do I have if I want to study further after merchant navy?+
Q 19. How many years do I need to become captain/Chief engineer?+
Q 20. Is hostel Mandatory?+

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