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Pharmacy Practice, Drug information Center

Chitkara College of pharmacy’s Drug Information Center is steadfast to stand out in helping the Healthcare providers be in pace with escalating needs of our profession. The Pharmacy practice Department of Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, s Drug Information centre caters to wide strata of people, from Healthcare profession to patients. The contentment that flows in working towards our vision, changing the outlook of pharmacists’ from being product to patient oriented cannot be expressed in words.

Drug information is the process of providing information on the safe and effective use of therapeutic and diagnostic pharmaceuticals. The term ‘medicines information’ is also used and has the same meaning as ‘drug information’ in this context.
However, the concept of DIC has flourished in allied directions.CCP’s DIC services not only provide drug information, but also identify & address other unmet needs of the Health Care Professionals & patients.

The foremost area is educating the pharmacist & keeping them abreast with latest news. It includes news on latest happenings, new drug approved, query of the quarter, among the other things.

Medicine Information
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Pharmaceutical Pricing Regulatory Info Improving The Use of Medicines
Patient Safety & Education Journals
The departments of Pharmacy Practice has taken an initiative to bring together all the Pharmacy Practice Professionals on a common platform. So a e-group has been started.
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