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Doctoral Program in
Pharmaceutical Sciences

The doctoral programs in Pharmaceutics train research scholars in the fundamental aspects of drug absorption, disposition, and drug delivery to optimize drug efficacy and minimize drug toxicity. The program provides relevant skills in applying research strategies that assist in the design and development of novel therapeutic agents to improve human life in disease and health.

Furthermore, by training in a highly collaborative atmosphere, the research scholars at Chitkara University gain the knowledge for discovering novel biological pathways in human health and diseases. With state-of-the-art facilities, our students receive mentorship that prepares them for outstanding careers in academia, the public sector, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Ph.D. In Pharmaceutical Science Chitkara

Program Overview

The educational climate of this doctoral program enriches your learning by forming and energizing groups of candidates who complete most of their courses together. The group broadens your perspectives by leveraging the diverse experiences of subject experts from many industries, firms, and functions, stimulates your intellectual curiosity and critical thinking to attack complex problems, and challenges you continuously through online discussions between monthly class sessions and motivates you to progress by providing an emotional and social support group.

Furthermore, the PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences) uniquely fulfils the educational needs of active core Pharmaceutical Sciences professionals. In detail, the students have can expect to take learnings that engulf around –

  • Balancing breadth and depth: The program includes four core courses to prepare for research, contemporary issues in emerging concepts in Synthetic and natural Drug Discovery and derivatisation, reformulation and formulation studies, preclinical and clinical evaluations, Nano Technology and development of methodologies.
  • Integrating research and problem solving: Through specialization research courses, this program enhances your skills to undertake research in all the mentioned domains and attend to a specific area in new drug discovery and development process.
  • Merging theory and practice: The doctoral program emphasizes established and emerging theory that has proven potential for identifying, structuring, and solving issues in pharmaceutical research. You collaborate with seasoned professionals and accomplished faculty to advance knowledge in drug discovery and development.
  • Blending classroom and online learning: By incorporating the advantages of both co-located contemporary instruction and asynchronous distributed learning this program delivers effective and efficient doctoral education. Seminars continue your learning beyond the classroom. Core courses will however be delivered in the University Campus.

Admission Eligibility

The candidates who have completed any of the following qualification(s) are eligible to seek admission to the PhD program as per Chitkara University regulations and UGC Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of PhD Degree Regulations, 2022 issued dated 07.11.2022 [(New Delhi, 7th November, 2022; No. F. 1-3/2021(QIP)].

  • A 1-year/2-semester master’s degree program in relevant discipline after a 4-year/8-semester bachelor’s degree program
  • A 2-year/4-semester master’s degree program in relevant discipline after a 3-year bachelor’s degree program
  • Qualifications declared equivalent to the master’s degree in relevant discipline by the corresponding statutory regulatory body, with at least 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed
  • An equivalent qualification from a foreign educational institution accredited by an assessment and accreditation agency which is approved, recognized or authorized by an authority, established or incorporated under a law in its home country or any other statutory authority in that country to assess, accredit or assure quality and standards of the educational institution

A 4-year/8-semester bachelor’s degree program in relevant discipline with a minimum of 75% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade on a point scale wherever the grading system is followed, subject to the following conditions:

  • The candidate should have a full-time teaching or research/industry experience of atleast 4 years.
  • The candidate should be currently working in AICTE/UGC approved College/University/Government agency/industry.

Note: Relaxation for reserved categories as per UGC norms

How to Apply

Candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria, are required to fill the admission form with evidences of all particulars to be attached. All application forms will be screened by a separate screening committee whose representatives will be from Doctoral Research Committee and Experts from the University in the respective areas. The candidates short-listed on the basis of their academic record and relevant experience will appear in a written test to be conducted by the University. Time-table & Curriculum will be intimated to the registered candidates. The candidates will then appear for a personal interview for the final selection.

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Program Fee Structure

Fee Components Amount
Enrolment Fee Rs. 30,000/-
Career Advancement Services Fee Rs. 20,000/-
Course Work Fee 1 Rs. 25,000/-
Course Work Fee 2 Rs. 25,000/-
Course Work Fee 3 Rs. 25,000/-
Doctoral Seminar on Specialisation Rs. 60,000/-
Synopsis Seminar Fee Rs. 60,000/-
Progress Review Seminar 1 Rs. 20,000/-
Progress Review Seminar 2 Rs. 20,000/-
Progress Review Seminar 3 Rs. 20,000/-
Pre-Thesis Submission Rs. 40,000/-
Thesis Submission & Defence Fee Rs. 75,000/-
Total Rs. 4,20,000/-

Program Structure

The curriculum includes three core courses of study namely, Seminar on Research Methodology, Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Seminar on Doctoral Concentration including specialization and four courses equivalent on thesis progress. Core courses are completed during the first year, through in campus delivery.

Progress Review Seminar

The seminars track progress of PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences) Study. These are to be held once every six months after approval of synopsis. Three such seminars are held by the University with intensive mentoring by Doctoral Research Committee.

Publishing Research Work

The candidates are expected to write at least two well-researched article and publish it in international (at least one) / national refereed journal before completion of their study. This will provide you an opportunity to conduct in-depth research in the chosen subject.

What to Expect

The PhD program at Chitkara University will prepare you for an outstanding career in research and teaching. Right from your first semester, you’ll get to work with faculty mentors across the management field as you investigate business challenges that interest you. Our doctoral program students have the entrepreneurial ability—and diligence—to study complex issues that managers and policymakers face.

  • Developing Transferrable Skills for Non-Academic Careers at Chitkara
    Developing Transferrable Skills for Non-Academic Careers at Chitkara

    Developing Transferrable Skills for Non-Academic Careers

    Our PhD Program is strategically designed to cater to the needs of high-achieving professionals aiming to enhance their career in the world beyond academia as well. While conventional academic skills are often developed through courses and mentoring, we also incorporate various pedagogical approaches to mentor them as leaders, entrepreneurs, etc., equipping them with numerous transferable skills, thus grooming them for successful careers in the industry.

  • Opportunities to Present Papers at Prominent Conferences Chitkara
    Opportunities to Present Papers at Prominent Conferences Chitkara

    Opportunities to Present Papers at Prominent Conferences

    Our PhD students get the opportunity to present their work at prominent conferences. Such conferences, we believe, provide a platform to present one’s research to a global and important audience of scholars and experts in the field. Resultantly, our scholars are ahead at knowing about latest developments as well as open issues that the research community is collectively deliberating upon.

  • Student Support Chitkara
    Student Support Chitkara

    Student Support

    Our faculty closely works with research scholars on all phases of the research process—from idea generation and study design to data analysis and writing. The culture is collegial and informal, with students viewed as colleagues and co-authors. Moreover, students are encouraged to work with multiple faculty, which helps them widen their perspective on contemporary issues in their field.

  • Collaborative Research Environment Chitkara
    Collaborative Research Environment Chitkara

    Collaborative Research Environment

    In our PhD Program one finds the most conducive environment to work in collaboration with other scholars, teachers and ace researchers. Our ideology is simple - collaborative teams exhibit important research outcomes, far beyond what could be accomplished by individuals working independently.

Concentrations Offered

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics
Pharmacognosy and Natural Products+
Medicinal Chemistry+

Framework for PhD Program

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