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Since 2007, the Hotel Management & Catering (HMCT) Program has held an illustrious recruitment record for its graduates, with major blue chip companies such as The Oberoi Group, Taj, Leela, Accor, Radisson, Carlson etc. being our leading campus recruiters. In light of such high placement record, it is only reasonable to claim that our hospitality program has managed to carve “a league of its own”.

A career in the hospitality industry is growth-oriented and offers rewarding prospects for a hardworking individual who has a talent for of entertaining guests. The hospitality industry can offer lifelong careers in several areas: marketing, cooking, engineering, public relations, security work, accounting etc.

A graduate with a B.Sc. degree in hospitality can take-up academic courses (as a faculty member or proceed for higher studies), enter the operational field (own enterprises like hotels and restaurants; join catering establishments -airline catering, cruise lines, outdoor catering, hospital catering etc.) or join other services (airlines, defence forces, banking services, hospitals, railways etc.).

Many of our hotel management graduates are now in supervisory and management positions in major hotels, while some have reached high-level corporate positions in large hotel chains.

Lots of lucrative and interesting openings are there for hotel management graduates in various fields such as:

  • Hotel and restaurant management
  • Airline catering and cabin services
  • Cruise ship hotel management
  • Club management
  • Hotel and tourism associations
  • Guest houses
  • Institutional management (supervising canteens in college, schools, factories, company guest houses etc.)
  • Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping companies etc.
  • Self-employment

Campus Recruitment


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