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Topic: Chitkara Initiatives

  • Independence Day starts on a noble note at Chitkara University

    The Independence Day started with a righteous expression at Chitkara University as staff and students of the University infused life into the Chitkara campus by initiating a tree-plantation drive. The drive was carried out to mark the celebrations of... readmore

  • Radio Chitkara displays its patriotic side

    As the nation celebrated its 68th year of Independence, Radio Chitkara 107.8 FM waved Tricolour high in the sky. As one of its initiatives, Radio Chitkara along with its team members visited a school in a nearby village and celebrated the eve of the ... readmore

  • EYBDO delivers blood to 5350 people

    Compassion is the soul of being humane and this is one aspect that is vanishing fast among human beings. But we at Chitkara University consider this aspect as one of the most important element of the Chitkara teaching methodology. Following this, we ... readmore

  • An attempt to conserve medicinal plants by Chitkara University

    It was certainly an earnest endeavor made by School of Applied Sciences, Chitkara University, to let people know the importance of medicinal plants and this will definitely go a long way. The school organized National Environment Awareness Campaign f... readmore

  • Radio Chitkara airs talk on ‘Raising Awareness of the Need to Preserve the Environment’

    It was time to spread the importance of preserving the environment. Radio Chitkara 107.8 FM aired a talk on ‘Raising Awareness of the Need to Preserve the Environment.’ World Environment Day (WED) was observed to raise various environmental co... readmore

  • Biodiversity awareness campaign celebrated at Chitkara University

    "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs but not every man's greed." Mahatma Gandhi. Every individual has some responsibility towards Nature that has given him enough not only just to sustain but also live lavishly. However, problem comes ... readmore

  • A word of gratitude from Chitkara Toastmasters’ president

    Chitkara University leaves no stone unturned in providing the choicest of opportunities to its students. One such initiative taken by the renowned University was to start Chitkara Toastmasters Club last year that has provided a platform to the member... readmore

  • Chitkara University wishes Happy New Year to Nepali students

    Unity in Diversity is what India thrives upon. This is the very base of our foundation on which our culture has evolved for generations. Taking the feeling ahead, our Nepali students were wished the best of everything on Nepali New Year by everyone a... readmore

  • Free eye check-up camp by Chitkara University

    Organising events and activities that are held keeping in mind service to humankind are a regular at Chitkara University. These events help imbibing kindness, care and concern among our students and this is of prime significance to us. Following this... readmore

  • Chitkara University, Panjab Univ, launch network of blood donors

    In order to fight the shortage of blood prevalent in society, some volunteers from Chitkara University and Panjab University, Chandigarh, have joined hands together and launched a network of blood donors. The initiative is now an NGO. The organizatio... readmore


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