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An attempt to conserve medicinal plants by Chitkara University

Published on July 25, 2014 | 2293 views

It was certainly an earnest endeavor made by School of Applied Sciences, Chitkara University, to let people know the importance of medicinal plants and this will definitely go a long way. The school organized National Environment Awareness Campaign for spreading the importance of medicinal plants. The students and some faculty visited nearby areas to speak to people about these plants. They visited schools also where they interacted with students and told them about how important medicinal plants are. Our students planted saplings in villages and told the importance of these plants to the villagers.

The campaign organized by Citkara University was National Environment Awareness Campaign NEAC 2013-14 and it was intended for conservation and promotion of medicinal plants under BIODIVERSITY year. This is funded by Ministry of Forest and Environment.

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