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Chitkara University wishes Happy New Year to Nepali students

Published on April 15, 2014 | 3485 views

Unity in Diversity is what India thrives upon. This is the very base of our foundation on which our culture has evolved for generations. Taking the feeling ahead, our Nepali students were wished the best of everything on Nepali New Year by everyone at Chitkara University.

The University is home to several cultures, not only from India, but across the globe. Keeping in mind the faith and beliefs of our students, we make every possible attempt to make them feel at home and sustain their beliefs. This is important because this is how we grow, nurture ourselves and make the University a better place to live in.

Staff, students and faculty of the University wished our Nepali students a very Happy and a prosperous New Year and prayed to the almighty to give success and happiness to them in future.

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