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Biodiversity awareness campaign celebrated at Chitkara University

Published on June 2, 2014 | 2453 views

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed.” Mahatma Gandhi. Every individual has some responsibility towards Nature that has given him enough not only just to sustain but also live lavishly. However, problem comes when man starts exploiting the resources that are for his benefit. To acknowledge this fact, Chitkara College of Education for Women, celebrated Biodiversity Awareness Campaign at the University.

The major reason of celebrating this day was to apprise the students the rich reserve of flora that our country is endowed with. Mr. Om Prakash Dhawan, Co-ordinator-cum-Incharge of UT Eco Club, delivered a special lecture on the topic ‘Importance of Medicinal Plants in Day to Day Life.’ He made the students aware about various medicinal plants that helps in curing the venomous diseases.

He mentioned that plants like Stevia (sugar control), Brahmis (increase recalling power), Giloe (rise platelets), Touch-Me-Not (cleanse wounds), Kapur Tulsi (for eyes puffiness), Nirgundi (lower back pain), Niajboo (strengthens Digestive System) etc.

After imparting this knowledge, the resource person was duly provided with a token of gratitude by Dr. Sangeeta Pant, Dean CCEW. A plantation drive followed next wherein the students, resource person as well as the faculty members planted trees. Students presented various posters and slogans and engaged themselves in a discussion with the resource person regarding importance of such plants. Dr. Sangeeta Pant thanked the resource person for such information.

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