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2-YEAR M.Sc MLT (Specialization in Histopathology)

Know the Specialization in Histopathology benefits and overview.

The objective of the Programme – Specialization in Histopathology

  • To impart knowledge and understanding of the detailed aspects of the subject to gain professional competence in the arena of Histopathology.
  • To equip the student with the skills and expertise in carrying out all Histopathology related routines and sophisticated medical diagnostic procedures efficiently.
  • To instill qualities for effective management of a Medical Lab independently
  • To enhance the competence in research and its methodology as related to the field concerned.

Specialization in Histopathology-Professional Aims

By the end of the program students should be able to:

  • Practice respective specialty efficiently and effectively, backed by scientific knowledge and skill.
  • Acquire detailed knowledge about the fundamentals and advances of the respective specialty
  • Undertake audits, use information, and carry out research both basic and professional with the aim of publishing or presenting the work at various scientific gatherings.
  • Develop oral and written communication skills through the dissertation
  • Promoting advanced scientific knowledge
  • Apply high moral and ethical standards while carrying out human or animal research.

Scope of Specialization in Histopathology – Chitkara University

The M.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology is specifically aimed at those pursuing a professional career in Medical Laboratories at Chitkara University. The program makes use of modern teaching methods and a combination of the theoretical aspects of the subjects with practical reinforcement to endow the students with superior knowledge and enable them to discover their hidden potential.

It is designed to keep pace with the tremendous progress in Medical Science and to meet changing health care needs specialization and research are essential in the field of Laboratory science. It is designed as a higher degree course suitable for graduates having experience in laboratory technology.

Employability in Specialization in Histopathology

After completion of this course, a Medical Technologist/professional gets opportunities to work at various Health care institutes and Laboratories/Industries as :

  • Laboratory Technologist,
  • Applications Specialist,
  • Quality control Technologist,
  • Sales and marketing of lab instruments, etc.
Other Administrative posts in
  • Teaching & Research Faculty in Medical colleges
  • Research Scientists in the Medical industry
  • Able to establish his/her lab

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