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Financial Markets

The financial sector is the new-generation growth industry in India. Banking, insurance, securities markets are experiencing rapid and diversified growth. Innovations in product design and distribution, growing needs of clients and investors, competition and liberalization, transparency in operations are leading to various market segments experience exponential growth, adding further to the momentum and vibrancy of the Indian economy.

These developments offer enormous opportunities for professional growth. Expertise and skillsets in understanding the nature and growth of financial markets and continuous learning on the current developments are the key and critical factors for a successful professional. It is the knowledge that will enhance the stature of the professional and enlarge the scope of
engagements in various activities and operations.

Financial markets are poised to emerge as the sector with immense potential for employment generation. The exponential growth of financial markets has given rise to various jobs and professions requiring diverse range of skill-sets and expertise. Experts believe that the financial sector will be the next big thing after information technology in creating employment and scope for self-employment opportunities.

It is important to gain proficiency in various aspects of the financial markets to get into this space with a meaningful participation and outcome. MBA in Financial Markets Practice could help immensely in this regard.

MBA in Financial Markets Practice is a major intervention that provides the students and professionals with the skill and
expertise to get a grasp of the complex nature of financial markets and the processes involved in operations.

Growth of turnover in various segments of Indian stock market

Year Turnover (`crore)
Cash Segment
(All India)
Equity Derivatives
Currency Derivatives
Interest Rate
Derivatives (NSE)
2009-10 55,16,833 1,76,63,899 37,27,262 2,975
2010-11 46,82,437 2,92,48,375 76,43,805 62
2011-12 34,78,391 3,21,58,208 98,96,413 3,959

No. of Listed Companies

Year NSE No. of
Companies listed
BSE No. of
Companies listed
2010-11 1,574 5067
2010-12 1,646 5133
2010-13 1,666 5,211

Growth of Turnover in various segments of Indian Stock Market

Year Turnover (`core)
Cash Segment
(All India)
Equity Derivatives
Currency Derivatives
2010-11 46,82,437 2,92,48,375 76,43,805
2011-12 34,78,391 3,21,58,208 98,96,413
2012-13 32,57,087 3,87,04,572 87,10,504

Share of broad category of issues in Resource mobilization

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