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Topic: Awareness Campaigns

  • Chitkara University displays an excellent example of Gandhian principle

    As responsible citizens of a growing India, students of Chitkara University showcased an excellent example of the Gandhian Principle. Gandhi ji said, “Be the change you want to see in the world” and students and staff at Chitkara University did t... readmore

  • A silent ‘Sankalp’ by our students

    Today’s youth is tomorrow’s fate and it has rightly been believed and described by the young blood of Chitkara University, our students. They have gone beyond the boundaries of just learning as they have taken the responsibility of building a bet... readmore

  • Workshop on fire fighting at Chitkara School of Hospitality

    Hospitality students of Chitkara University learnt the essentials of fire fighting at a workshop organized at Chitkara School of Hospitality. Mr. Shreedhar Tantre, Regional Manager (A.P. Securities), Mohali, made a presentation and explained to th... readmore

  • Radio @ 60 for mass communication students

    It was time to display radio promo production skills prepared by the students of Chitkara School of Mass Communication in the event- Radio @ 60 Seconds. School organized a radio promo / advertisement/ spot making competition titled ` Radio @ 60 ... readmore

  • Chitkara students present a radio talk on Eye Donation Awareness

    "Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful,” These distinguished lines given by Helen Keller aptly sum up the Technical Communication Radio Show organized by Chitkara School of Languages on Eye Donation Awareness to mark the eye donation... readmore

  • IG, Vigilance, Punjab, sdelivers talk on cyber security at Chitkara University

    It is a virtual world and internet is an integral part of our everyday lives. It is both a boon and a curse and one has to be extremely aware of the impact it has on us. There have been many crimes carried out on a computer that have led to unfortuna... readmore

  • An attempt to conserve medicinal plants by Chitkara University

    It was certainly an earnest endeavor made by School of Applied Sciences, Chitkara University, to let people know the importance of medicinal plants and this will definitely go a long way. The school organized National Environment Awareness Campaign f... readmore

  • Biodiversity awareness campaign celebrated at Chitkara University

    "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs but not every man's greed." Mahatma Gandhi. Every individual has some responsibility towards Nature that has given him enough not only just to sustain but also live lavishly. However, problem comes ... readmore

  • Chitkara University spreads information on road safety

    Road safety is important not only for the driver but others too and following this, Chitkara University, Punjab, is running a campaign on road safety through Mahindra Advanced Driving Skills, M.A.D.S. Mahindra Advanced Driving Skills will focus on... readmore

  • Radio talk on ‘Salt Awareness Week’

    Chitkara University makes several efforts to spread awareness on generic topics that affect our daily lives but we fail to pay heed to them. One such attempt made by the University was a radio talk by Faculty of Chitkara College of Nursing on ‘Salt... readmore


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