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Chitkara University spreads information on road safety

Published on March 26, 2014

Road safety is important not only for the driver but others too and following this, Chitkara University, Punjab, is running a campaign on road safety through Mahindra Advanced Driving Skills, M.A.D.S.

Mahindra Advanced Driving Skills will focus on driver’s safety, pedestrian safety, road safety awareness and every other type of information, which a driver needs to ensure his safety and the safety of others on road.

In this event, there will be different kinds of challenges, seminars and awareness campaigns. A team of two members can participate in a challenge, which will be conducted by Mahindra Rise at Chitkara University on March 27-28, 2014. Winning teams will get a chance to be a part of Mahindra Adventure Off — Road Training Academy.

Faculty and students have a nicely scripted, shot and edited video. Everyone who is witnessing the campaign is applauding the efforts put in by the team behind this campaign.

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