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Pharmacy Students organize Awake Walk with Venus Medicine Research Centre in tricity

Published on November 18, 2013 | 2587 views

Chitkara College of Pharmacy in collaboration with Venus Medicine Research Centre organized Awake Walk for Antibiotic Resistance Cause in the tricity.

For the first time in India, AWAKE, Awareness Week on Antibiotic Knowledge and Education, took place. It was conducted by Chitkara College of Pharmacy.

The main objective of the walk was to spread awareness among patients, public at large and health providers regarding the rationale use of antibiotics, rising antimicrobial resistance concerns and promoting hygiene and sanitation to stop spread of resistance.

This gesture clearly displays the concern that the University has towards basic but significantly important things in life.

The event was taken into a good stride by the citizens who witnessed the event. The walk got a very good response from the masses and the students and faculty of Chitkara College of Pharmacy also thoroughly enjoyed their initiative.


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