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Doctoral Program (Ph.D) in Engineering & Technology (Computer Science & Engineering)

PhD in Computer Science enables students to become experts in a technical subfield of computer science and advance the state of the art by contributing original research in that discipline. Most PhD students also gain practical experience in the classroom, as well as become visible members of the research community by publishing research and through oral presentations at conferences and research seminars. Upon completing the PhD program, students are able to set their own research direction, teach and advise students, and work at the forefront of cutting-edge research in academia or at an industrial laboratory.

The Doctor of Computer Science & Engineering degree program has been designed to help the research scholars to gain an in-depth understanding of a specialized subject related to computer science. This would allow them to predict developments and make contributions in area of expertise. PhD can take the research scholar much further afield of the classic image of a student working away in the lab, or sitting with a pile of books in the library. One may find oneself visiting archives or facilities to examine their data or look at rare source materials. One could even have the opportunity to spend an extended period at a research centre or other institution beyond one’s university. The Ph.D degree programme prepares the candidates for senior level leadership, consulting, and teaching positions within business, government, non-profit organizations, and higher education. The research scholars pursuing the Ph.D degree are provided with an environment and facilities that help to develop analytic and research skills to define the research problems, to study advanced knowledge base to discover innovative solutions available till date. They are also provided with opportunities to practice consultation so as to facilitate innovative change in organizations, communities, and society.

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