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Doctoral Program in Hospitality Management (Ph.D)

The Doctoral Program in Hospitality Management at Chitkara University is specially designed to give a research edge to the hospitality professionals and academicians. Through this doctoral program Hospitality professionals and academicians can cultivate the ability to explore, understand, and solve the problems and issues in the Hospitality business world in rigorous and relevant ways. Further, it enables them to provide real insight to the problems and issues faced during operations. The Doctoral program in Hospitality Management educates the scholars to discover new solutions to unsolved problems in the field of Hospitality industry. The program has been designed keeping in view the recent trends and developments in Hospitality industry so that significant research contribution may be made. The program prepares research scholars to play their roles in higher education, senior level leadership, consultant in Hospitality industry, experts in the field, and policymakers.

The doctoral degree in hospitality management empowers the hospitality professionals to:

  • Explore productive ways of executing operations
  • Explore the ways of business expansion
  • Study the feasibility of launching a new products
  • Acquire new knowledge
  • Acquiring the doctoral program in Hospitality Management gives the scholars an edge over the others in Planning, Budgeting, Human Resource Management, Profitability and to the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

The doctoral program in Hospitality Management aims at nurturing analytical thinking approach amongst industry professionals and academicians which promotes innovation at work place, critically analyzing the current scenario and anticipating the future trends.

  • Hotel Management
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Airlines and Cruise Line Management
  • Culinary Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event Management

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