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Topic: Freshers’ Party

  • Seniors organise a dazzling fresher’s party to welcome newcomers on campus

    With a pulsating ambience, super-cool crowd and foot-tapping music, the Freshers' Party, Bienvenue 2019 began with a blast at the campus on September 14, 2019. Hon'ble Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice-Chancellor; and Dr. S C Sharma, Registrar, Chitkara Un... readmore

  • Rocking the beat with Freshers’18

    It’s official: Freshers' Party - BIENVENUE'18, concluded on a high note bringing with it a fun-packed evening, foot tapping numbers and a full dose of fun, food & laughter. Dubbed the highlight party of year, Chitkara University's fresher's wel... readmore

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