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Workshop on RMDA

Chitkara Business School to conduct national-level workshop on RMDA on June 29, 30

The Chitkara Business School is all set to conduct a national-level workshop on Research Methods and Data Analysis, RMDA, on June 29 and 30.

Delving on research, it is all about rummaging around for knowledge or any systematic exploration to institute facts. When systematic searching explains problems, it leads to research.

Methodology can be anything but what matters is the variables under investigation and it should always be measured in some way or another. This measurement leads to generating data and numbers and this data is more than we can manually interpret.

To ease down the process and enable a researcher interpret and summarize raw data, statistical tools have been devised. To give details on these nuances of research, a two-day workshop is being organized by Chitkara Business School in June.

The workshop delves deep into the aspects of a new software product, SPSS, that has enabled academicians and researchers to obtain valuable information from the data.

Beginners will derive maximum benefit from this endeavor of CBS.

The main objectives of this workshop will be enabling the participants select appropriate research method for conducting empirical research, selecting statistical tools for data analysis, use SPSS to conduct analysis and apply right tools and techniques while conducting research and enhance their analytical skills.

Content for the workshop is: Fundamentals of Research, Statistics and Data Analysis, Descriptive Analysis and Chi- square test, ANOVA,T- test, levenes test, Factor Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Bivariate Regression, Dummy, Variable and Multiple regression, Cluster Analysis, Logistic Analysis, Forecasting Analysis.

Key speakers to throw light on prominent issues during the workshop will be alumni of IIT, Kanpur, and IIT, Delhi, having vast experience in the field of Research and Application of Statistical Techniques. Presently, consultant to IBM SPSS South East Asia Bangalore and Resource faculty of IIT Kanpur, IIIT Allahabad, Vinod Gupta, School of Management, IIT ICFAI University, and NIT Rourkela etc. for Research Methods and Data analysis.

Email your queries at workshop.cbs@chitkara.edu.in/ taminder.kaur@chitkara.edu.in.

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