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Workshop on modern heritage

Workshop on modern heritage of City Beautiful

A collaborative workshop to be organized from Apr 1 – Apr 4th , which will be attended by 27 students from China.

For initiating a deep insight into the rich heritage of City Beautiful, Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture, would be organizing a collaborative workshop on presentation and interpretation of modern architectural heritage of Chandigarh. This will enable students to derive details on the city’s folklore and heritage.

The workshop will be organized from April 1 to April 4. This initiative is being organized in joint collaboration with the Institute for Tourism Studies, Heritage Studies Centre, IFT, Colina de Mong-Ha, Macao, China. Twenty-seven students will be coming over to CU to be a part of the workshop, along with two faculty members.

Our students know a lot about the City Beautiful but there are intricate details that they are yet to know and with this aim in mind, about 32 students from fourth year, second semester, will be delving upon the city’s heritage through a joint studio exercise with the delegation from China during this workshop.

Sites that our students, along with the delegation from China, will be working on are several heritage sites that the city houses, Capitol complex that includes Secretariat, Assembly, The High court and open house plaza, the Cultural complex that includes the City museum and College of arts, City centre and the Punjab University campus.

The focal point of this collaborative workshop will be studying the presentation and interpretation of Modern Architectural Heritage of the city. ITS feels that our university is well-suited to be a partner of this field-study project. Ar. Niyati Jigyasu will be conducting the workshop under the aegis of Chitkara University. The project will be guided by Prof. Kiran Joshi, Head, M.Arch programme, CSPA.

CU is happy to extend the support asked by ITS in enabling the students to get exposure to the heritage of Chandigarh.


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