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Workshop on Building Lean, Green and Digital Hospitals

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many weaknesses in the provision of healthcare, especially relating to capacity issues, quality of care, supply issues, and managerial/leadership challenges experienced at the interface between health and social care. Although healthcare delivery has changed dramatically over the past two decades, there are numerous opportunities to improve how healthcare systems are designed and operated. In this regard, building a hospital that is lean, green, and digital has become critical to providing high-quality, affordable, and virtual healthcare to all citizens.

To build such health systems in Indian healthcare institutions, during this one-day workshop being organised by Chitkara University, experts will exchange knowledge and experience and have discussions with local healthcare professionals/administrators and researchers on how Indian hospitals can develop strategies to begin their journey.

The workshop is intended for mid to senior-level healthcare professionals involved in health service delivery, and cover how they should be involved at the policy level and in implementing change at the institutional level to bring efficiency improvements in health service delivery.

Link for registration: shorturl.at/eGSV0

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